Weekly Car Insurance for Students

You can make unlimited trips back and forth knowing you’re insured from destination A to B.


As a student, there are many reasons why you might need car insurance for a week:

Borrowing a car from family or friends

You may want to borrow and insure a car temporarily if you’re visiting home from university. Our Student Driver Insurance is a better option for occasional use than adding you onto the owner’s policy and doesn’t affect the owners No Claims Bonus if you had an accident.

Moving house?

If you’re moving halls or to a new flat, you’ll need a way to get your stuff there, and hiring a van can be expensive. With our Student Driver Insurance, you can make unlimited trips back and forth knowing you’re insured from destination A to B. You can add extra weeks if you need to make a few more journeys.
Whatever the reason, Marmalade’s weekly car insurance is a practical way to get insured when you only need to drive now and then. It's also fully comprehensive meaning that you can claim for the damage of the car if you have an accident, even if it’s your fault.

Lending your car in an emergency

Instant cover is available to those who want to lend their car to a friend or family member in an emergency (provided they’re a student of course). One week’s car insurance allows them to drive straight away instead of adding them to your policy. Your car and the policyholder will be fully covered in case of an accident, and there’s no risk to your No Claims Bonus.

Borrowing a car during the holidays

Let's face it - with the rising cost of being at university, it's unlikely that students can afford to buy their own car! This, however, doesn't stop students from needing to get behind the wheel from time to time - especially when they're home for the holidays. Short-term insurance allows students to jump into mum or dad’s car for one, two, three, four, five or six weeks at a time during holiday times for last-minute Christmas shopping, getaways and road trips. Beats staying in the house for a week!
As the name suggests, weekly car insurance covers the policy holder to drive someone’s car for 7 days as a part of our Student Driver Insurance. As you probably know when driving a car, it’s a legal requirement to be insured. But what if you only need a car for a few journeys?
Instead of paying for an expensive 12-month policy, our 7-day insurance offers you cover for, you guessed it, 7 days but up to 42 days as well. We know students don’t need another huge cost on top of their education expenses so weekly insurance allows them to be covered from seven days on a family or friend’s car while not breaking the bank.
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When can Students use Weekly Car Insurance?
Marmalade’s 7-day insurance is for student drivers with a full UK licence who need short-term cover. Students who are returning from university or boarding school use this policy to borrow a family or friend’s car. Like many students, you’re probably on a budget so paying as you go makes it more affordable.

What do you need?

It’s quick and easy to arrange cover – you’ll just need to make sure you this information to hand:
  • The car registration number
  • Details of where the car is kept
  • Date you obtained your full licence
  • Estimated value of the car
Who is eligible for Weekly Car Insurance?
At Marmalade we’ll cover students at university or boarding school, aged 18 - 27 with a current, full UK driving licence, provided they have not previously made a fault claim. If you’re starting university in the Autumn, we can insure you too. We’ll just need to see a copy of your offer letter!
We cover cars up to insurance group 32, assuming the vehicle is worth up to £30,000. The cover is available in most UK postcodes.
See how much you can save with Student Driver Insurance
Enjoy instant comprehensive cover for 7 – 42 days with no risk to the owner’s No Claims Discount!

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