1 week car Insurance for students

As the name suggests, 1 week car insurance covers the policyholder to drive someone else's car for 7 days. It goes without saying that if you plan to drive a car on the road you're legally required to get insured, but what if you don't need the car for more than a few journeys?

1 week car insurance

If you're heading to a festival or going camping for the weekend but don't tend to do much driving throughout the rest of the year shelling out for an expensive 12 month policy hardly makes sense. Happily, if you're a student and you only need to be covered to drive a vehicle for up to 7 days Marmalade's 1 week car insurance allows you to do just that!

Short term insurance for students on a family or friend’s car

When to use 1 week car insurance as a student driver?

As a student, there are many reasons you might only need car insurance for a week:

Borrowing a car from a friend
You may want to borrow a mate's car, in which case a short-term policy may be a better option than the car owner adding you to their policy. With 1 week insurance, if you're involved in an accident while driving the car, and you have to make a claim, their No Claims Bonus will not be affected.

Lending your car in an emergency
If you have a friend in need who may want to borrow your car in an emergency - you may want to insure a friend on your car for a short time. If they're a student too they can get cover instantly online without having the hassle of adding them to your own personal policy. This means your car is fully covered and there is no risk to your No Claims Bonus.

Borrowing a car from your folks in the holidays
Let's face it, most students can't afford to run their own car, but that doesn't mean you won't ever need to use a car. You may be home for the holidays and want to borrow mum or dad's car for a week so that you aren't stuck at home while all your friends are out and about!

Moving digs
If you're moving halls or into a new flat share, hiring a van can be expensive and if you don't have a van's worth of personal belongings it might seem like a waste of money. 1 week insurance will cover you for your move and will even give you a few days extra cover in case you need to make any other trips.

Whatever the reason, choosing 1 week insurance may work out cheaper than the alternatives and, as it's fully comprehensive, it means that if you're involved in an accident, you can make a claim for damage to the car you were driving even if the accident was your fault.

Why choose Marmalade's 1 week car insurance?

Designed exclusively for students, we offer flexible short term cover on a friend or family member's car, just when you need it!

  • Fully comprehensive
  • Instant online cover
  • 7, 14, 21 and 28 day policies available
  • No risk to the owners' No Claims Bonus
  • 10% discount for Marmalade Learner customers (who have held 90 days learner insurance)

Short term insurance for students on a family or friend’s car

Who is eligible for Marmalade's 1 week car insurance?

At Marmalade we'll cover students in university, or at boarding school, aged between 18 and 27 with a current, full UK driving licence – provided they have not previously made a fault claim. If you're starting university in the Autumn, we can insure you too. We'll just need to see a copy of your offer letter and we'll get you on the road.

We cover cars up to insurance group 32 and £30,000 in value. Cover is available in most UK postcodes.