Rockingham Supercar Experience

image of Nissan GTR on Rockingham Speedway

Posted by Will Tyson on 30 August 2017

Technically I wasn't allowed to wear a GoPro, but the GTR instructor must've felt sorry for how stupid I looked with the thing strapped to my head. With a forgiving sort of nod and a smile he let me clamber inside and in moments we were trundling down the pitlane. I asked a few questions about changing gear to make sure I didn't break the car, which were hastily answered just in time to check that nobody was thundering down to Turn 1. And then I was on circuit.

Watching back GoPro footage is always frustrating as it never quite replicates the sensation of speed or the undulation in the terrain you're going across due to the small sensor. I'd go as far as saying my ride looks a little bit tame, but the two high-speed left handers towards the end of the lap provide a good sense of how fast the car can go in the right hands!