8 great reasons to choose pay per mile car insurance

We’re looking at the top reasons to choose insurance by the mile if you're sharing a family car

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If you don’t own your own car, sharing a family car and choosing car insurance by the mile can be a cheap and flexible way to gain your independence. So we’re looking at the top reasons to choose insurance by the mile. Read on to discover if this could be just what you need.

You’re living at home with your parents

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One of the benefits of living with your folks (apart from the delicious home cooked food!) is that you may have the option to share the family car. If you’re a student, or don’t need your car for work, it may be difficult to justify the cost of your own car and insurance if you only need to drive for short journeys, or just occasionally.

Pay per mile insurance could be just what you need - as you buy your miles up front, and choose the top-up that suits your needs, and you have cover in place just when you need it. The best news is that if your policy runs for over a year without a claim, you earn a No Claims Discount that will come in super handy when you’re ready to buy a car of your own!

You're a student at university

If you’re at uni, the chances are you don’t need to use a car most of the year - as it’s a big expense when you’re living on a tight budget. However, when you’re back for the holidays, having the ability to share the family car is priceless - whether it’s to get to your holiday job, head out with friends or to simply help mum and dad out.

Our pay as you go insurance allows you to buy miles to share a parent’s car, as comprehensive cover is ready and waiting as and when you need (with no risk to your folk's No Claims Discount). So much better than having to look for short term cover each time - that then leaves you little flexibility to change travel plans. Just keep the policy running until you no longer need it.

You work part time

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A pay per mile car insurance policy like ours may suit you if you’re working locally in the evening, or just a couple of days a week, as you may not be racking up enough miles to justify the cost of running your own car.

If you share a parent’s car and pay by the mile for car insurance it means that the money you earn can go further. Maybe you can put the money you save towards a nice thank you to mum or dad for letting you borrow their car, or maybe towards a road trip on your day off!

You're working from home

The pandemic led to quite a change for many of us who have said goodbye to some or all of our daily commutes. In some households it may feel like quite a luxury running two or more cars so families may be taking the opportunity to scale back.

Car Insurance by the mile on a family car gives young drivers the flexibility to get out and about in a parent’s car without the hefty price tag of getting added as a named driver or running your own car. The best news is that you can earn No Claims Discount for every year you remain claim free and there is no risk to the car owner’s NCD!

You want budget-friendly and eco-friendly insurance

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With the average cost of insuring a young driver at £1717* per year in the UK, it may seem a bit excessive if you’re only driving every now and then.

If you’re not driving all that much, sharing a car is kinder to the environment and your pocket. Plus you avoid high cost up front as you simply pay for your first 500 miles up front, and then choose a top up from 100 - 500 miles that will automatically top up when you’ve nearly run out. You parent’s will be happy too as you enjoy comprehensive cover with no risk to their No Claims Discount!

You want flexibility to drive, but don’t own a car

Paying for car insurance by mileage gives you the flexibility to share a parent’s car with out the hassle and expense of running your own car. Of course, you’ll have to negotiate with mum or dad as to when you can borrow it and who’s paying for petrol!

Our pay per mile policy for young drivers means the outlay is much lower than an annual policy, and you just pay for the miles you’ll use, as and when you need them until you no longer need the policy - at which point, you’ll receive a refund for the miles remaining when you cancel. Simple!

You love using the latest tech

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Some of us trend-setters and love to use tech to make their life easier and to have more flexibility. Traditional car insurance can be expensive for young drivers and there aren’t many affordable options to get insured to drive a parent’s - but our technology can make this happen! Marmalade’s pay per mile car insurance lets you monitor the miles you drive, and how you’re driving on a smart app and black box tag.

This means you are in the driving seat to just pay for when you’re actually using the car, and to change your top-up miles as and when you want.

You're driving a lot less than you used to

In the UK. according to the Department for Transport data, between 2002 and 2019 the average annual mileage per car has reduced by 20%, from 9200 miles per year to 7400. This year has undoubtedly seen the number of miles driven plummet further!

Times are changing and we know more and more drivers are looking for car sharing options and a fair price when it comes to insurance - what could be fairer than just paying for the miles you drive! If you’re not driving as much, sharing a family car may be more flexible and affordable. Luckly, our pay as you go policy lets you do just this as you will only pay for the miles you drive when you’re behind the wheel!

You’re taking your driving test soon

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If you’ve got your driving test booked soon, you’re likely to want to be able to keep driving! In fact, 62% of learner drivers that we surveyed in May 2020 said they would like insurance that would continue seamlessly when they pass their test. Pay as you go learner insurance is ideal if you’re practising in your folks’ car and would like to keep sharing their car when you get your full licence.

See how much you can save!

Discover how much you can save with Pay As You Go Insurance that allows you to just pay for the miles you drive!

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