Insurance for provisional and full licence holders as a named driver on a parent’s car

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This cover is suitable for:

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Young drivers aged 17 - 27
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Driving a parent's or grandparent's car
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Provisional and full licence holders
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This cover is not suitable for:

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Vans or commercial vehicles

Getting insurance on a parent's car

We know one of the most confusing, not to mention expensive, parts of getting on the road as a learner driver, or new driver, is getting the insurance sorted. That’s why we’ve come up with an affordable and hassle-free alternative to adding a named young driver on a parent’s insurance!

We want to make it as easy as possible for young drivers to get on the road, which is why we offer two unique options for new and learner drivers to get insurance on a parent’s car. These are designed to help young drivers develop their driving skills with black box technology, as well as saving them money and allowing them to start building their own No Claims Discount.

Choose from two cover options

Annual insurance

Cover for up to 10,000 miles per year¹

  • dotEarn your own No Claims Discount
  • dotCover as a learner and full licence holder
  • dotFully comprehensive cover
  • dotNo price increase on passing

Pay As You Go Insurance

Great for borrowing a parent’s car

  • dotOnly pay for the miles you drive
  • dotComprehensive cover for provisional and full licence holders
  • dotAuto top up of 100, 200 ,300 ,400 or 500 miles
  • dotNo risk to car owner's No Claims Discount

Frequently asked questions

What’s the cheapest way to get insured on a parent’s car?arrow
That’s the million dollar question, right? The truth is that it depends on your circumstances. If you’re looking for temporary car insurance on a parent's car then a stand-alone short term policy may be the best option (and least hassle) as it can be quickly organised online and won’t affect the main insurance. If you’re looking for annual cover, getting a quote on our annual insurance on a parent’s car could prove more affordable than adding a young driver to the main policy. If you want more flexibility, you can choose to pay only for the miles you drive with our pay as you go insurance.
How can I get put on my parents' car insurance?arrow
There are two ways to go on your parent’s insurance. One is to get added as a named driver to their insurance. Another option is to set up your own insurance. You can get a quote for Marmalade insurance on a parent’s car and set it up quickly and easily online - and the great news is that there is no risk to your parent’s hard earned No Claims Bonus.
How do you know who is driving the car?arrow
After a while, the tag and app will begin to recognise different driving styles and will assign trips to the policyholder or named drivers accordingly. However, if a trip is wrongly assigned, you can re-assign the trip in the app. Please be aware that dishonestly re-assigning your trips could result in cancellation of your insurance.
To ensure the phone pairs with the telematics tag, Bluetooth must be enabled, and the phone should be charged to a minimum of 10% throughout the journey.
Can I get provisional insurance on a parent’s car?arrow
Of course you can! Both our annual and Pay as you go options will cover you as a learner driver and will continue seamlessly when you pass (with no increase in premium).
How does the black box work in my parents' car?arrow
Mum and dad may be pleased to know that we’re not looking at how they drive (although, we’re sure they’ll tell you they are perfect drivers anyway!). The box is super easy to fit as it just sticks to the inside of the windscreen and pairs with an app that you’ll need to download to your smartphone. We’ll monitor key aspects of your driving which include acceleration, braking, cornering, speed and phone distraction. If there is a cause for concern - we’ll get in touch and follow our Driver Improvement process. You’ll be pleased to know that 96% of journeys driven by our customers are classed as “good”, so it’s unlikely you’ll hear from us.
My parents are worried about insuring a child separately on their car. Is it Dual Insurance?arrow
It won’t affect the main insurance at all! This insurance cover is a policy that covers you while you are behind the wheel. Dual insurance occurs when, in the case of insurance against loss or damage, the same items are insured against a certain risk under more than one insurance policy. Cover is only provided under this policy for you. The main insurance covers the vehicle and named drivers - therefore it does not cover the same risk as the main policy.
Will Named Young Driver Insurance cover me as the main driver of the car?arrow
No, this cover is designed for young drivers that borrow their parents’ car and who are driving less than 50% of the total trips of the car.
Can I get insurance on a parent's car for a week at a time?arrow
If you're a full licence holder and you're only going to be using your parent's car every now and then, you could choose to pay by the mile so you have the flexibility to use the car as and when you need. You can buy 500 miles up front and top-up as and when you need to. Miles purchased last for 12 months, and there's not the hassle of trying to sort out a new policy every time you want to borrow the car as your insurance is ready and waiting for you to get behind the wheel!

How does the insurance on a parent's car work?

Our Named Young Driver Insurance policies use a small telematics tag to determine when the young driver is behind the wheel. The tag needs to be fitted directly behind the rear-view mirror (don’t worry, it’s super simple to do and it’ll come with step by step instructions). This analyses how and where you drive, as well as your driving style. Now don’t worry – we’re not watching your every move; only dangerous journeys are flagged to us.

Drive safely and keep up your driving score, so when it comes to renewal, we can offer you an extra discount. Driving safely pays, literally! The telematics tag will measure:

  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Cornering
  • Speed
  • Mobile phone use
  • Location and distance driven
  • Crash detection
loyalty discount offer

Annual insurance option

No claim icon

Flexible payment options

Choose to pay monthly, or in full - whatever suits you and your budget – and start earning your No Claims Discount.
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Cover for up to 10,000 miles

Useful if you’re regularly driving a parent’s car, and are not the main driver – as long as you drive less than 50% of the trips in the car.
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Instant cover and no curfews

You can get on the road straight away and drive day or night with no curfews or night-time driving restrictions!
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Cover before & after you pass

Get insurance as a full or provisional licence holder, and we won’t increase the premium when you pass!

Pay as You Go Insurance option

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Only pay for what you use

Start off your policy with 500 miles insurance cover, and top-up as and when your miles are running low.
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No Claims Discount

Your parents’ NCD won't be affected if you’re involved in an accident. Plus, if you keep your policy going for a full year without a claim, you earn a No Claims Discount too!
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No Curfews

Drive day or night with no curfews or night-time driving restrictions. After all, driving is all about freedom!
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Cheaper car insurance for new drivers

This policy is great if you won’t be driving your parents’ car all that often. It’s there for you as and when you need it.

Get on the road today

Join thousands of young drivers enjoying comprehensive cover with no curfews or night-time driving restrictions.
young driver
young driver
young driver

What’s covered with Named Young Driver Insurance?

No risk to car owner's NCD


Young driver can earn their own NCD


Legal liability for death or injury


Damage to the car owner’s vehicle


Personal accident up to £2,500


Medical expenses up to £250


Personal belongings up to £100

mum and daughter with car keys

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