Named Young Driver Insurance App and Portal

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What is the Marmalade Named Young Driver app for?
Named Young Driver Insurance is a unique product where the young driver is insured on a parent’s car for every journey they make. You may be asking yourself – how do you know when the young person is driving? So, that’s where the app comes in. The young driver must log each journey on the app when they get behind the wheel!

You can do a quick search on Google Play or the Apple App Store for “Marmalade Named Young Driver” or, click to download using the links below

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Can I view my journeys on the app?arrow
What if I’m having issues with my app?arrow

How do you know I’ve finished my journey?

As we’ve recorded the start of the journey as yours, we will assume you have stopped driving when the journey ends, and the ignition is off. So, if you stop for a coffee or to fill up with petrol on a longer trip, please remember to click start when you get back behind the wheel, before you set off again!

What if I’m having issues with my app?

If you’ve having an issue logging your journey, it may be worth closing the app and opening it. If this doesn’t work to reset it, then please give the team a call so that we can look into it, and log your journey for you. If it is outside working hours, please send an email to [email protected] with the details.

Can I view my journeys on the app?

At present, the app simply logs your journeys. However, our driving portal is mobile friendly, so it’s easy to view your journey data by logging into the driver portal or by clicking on the button within your mobile app, which is helpfully named "View journey details on website".