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Amy Thomas

February 2, 2018

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When it comes to driving, straight away my boyfriend thinks that he’s obviously the better driver! I think most girls find this with the boys, there’s always the competition but the guys think they win hands down. Even though the Marmalade track day proved that wrong as I scored higher on the road drive than Jamie! He still says he’s better… Now, I am going to ask him why he thinks this!


Firstly, Jamie has more driving experience than me as he has been driving longer but this does not always mean you are better. He has 5 years against my 3 years, giving him more road time and more time to experience different vehicles. I have recently started driving other cars other than my own and I can now quickly adapt to the different cars whereas it used to take me some time. Jamie still thinks I can’t adapt as quickly as he can, of course.


Another point that he noted was reaction times, sometimes he likes to think that he’s the next Lewis Hamilton and thinks he has mega fast reactions but I react just as fast! Jamie also has more experience of driving high-performance cars which I have only just started to experience. You obviously need to be aware at all times as the cars need to be treated with respect or it could all go wrong. It takes a lot of concentration from my side, which I think is a good thing! Whereas Jamie seems more settled with driving high power cars.


When it comes to parking, I’m definitely the best! My bay parking is soooooo much better than his! Jamie ALWAYS parks too far over to one side but on the other hand, he is rather good at parallel but I’m getting better. He is also mega fussy about where he parks, he needs to be far away from everyone and nowhere near a dodgy looking car! I just look for a nice little spot for my car that’s not too far from the shops – can’t be carrying all the bags too far!


Who’s the winner?

Me, obviously? I’m joking – in all seriousness, when it comes to the male/ female divide, there is absolutely no difference between the two. Women can be just as good as men and men can be just as bad as women! For some reason, women have this stigma that we can’t drive very well and that we have a million and one accidents all the time! I, for one, have never been in or caused an accident (touch wood!) and I am very aware of my driving skill and my surroundings when driving. I like to think that I have all the correct practices in place and so does Jamie. Although we have the ‘banter’, I know he trusts my driving and I trust his. I think being a car enthusiast helped my driving confidence and love of driving, but anyone can be a good driver!


So what do you think? Do you think you’re the better driver, or are your partners driving skills better than yours? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know! 

Amy Thomas profile

By Amy Thomas

'I'm currently studying Motorsport Technology at university! My dream is to become an F1 race engineer and as you've probably guessed, I love cars! Motorsport and cars are my passion, not forgetting motorbikes also!'  See more posts by Amy

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