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What do young drivers think about the black box?

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We Are Marmalade

May 31, 2018

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Say hello to your new best money-saving friend: the black box. This nifty bit of tech has really taken to the road, with many insurance providers offering a black box service to new, young drivers to keep their insurance costs to a minimum. We asked young drivers what they think of the black box, and if they had any worries before getting it. Let’s see what they said!

Kimberley – confidently controlled

Having recently passed my driving purchased a car and therefore been a victim of the deterioration of my bank balance, I was more than willing to get a black box fitted into my new car. My black box system is connected to a handy app downloaded onto my phone, allowing me full access to how the box is rating my driving. I can even break down the score into specific journeys, allowing me to see exactly when and where it was that I was speeding or braking too sharply. When next year’s policy renewal rolls around, my black box score will also contribute to driving down the price of my next yearly payment.

I now make sure to pay extra attention to area speed limits, allowing me to become a better and more aware driver overall. Installing the black box has forced me to make a conscious effort to pay close attention to my driving skills and, as a new driver, this is essential in becoming confidently controlled behind the box

Patrick – Pride ourselves

I’ve always said how Marmalade’s black box isn’t as restrictive as people think. There are no restrictions on night time driving and it looks at your journey as an average, so you don’t get penalized on one or two little ‘mistakes’. The black box definitely makes me a safer driver – not because I feel like I’m being watched, but because I know I’m being rated and I think we all like to pride ourselves on our driving.

What makes it even better is, if your parents are a named driver on the policy and they’ve borrowed your car, you know where they are and you can critique their driving as they often do about ours!BBI

Chloe – Having my own freedom

I was really worried about having a black box because there’s a lot of bad press around them. I was worried about mileage restrictions and curfews, but I have none of that with my Marmalade policy. I really can drive where I like, when I like. The whole reason I wanted to learn to drive to begin with was to have my own freedom and I wasn’t going to let a black box stop me in my tracks.

My black box doesn’t restrict my driving style – either but helps me to improve. Having my black box before being a full licence holder really helped me when it came to passing my test because I already knew where my bad habits were. Now, I’m getting scores of 100 on nearly every journey!black box

Hayley – Saving money

At first, when I took out my black box policy, I was quite nervous about getting in my car as I felt one bad move and I’d be off the road and without insurance.  When I took out the policy, I was still a learner with 5 months of lessons behind me. In the end, I decided to go out in my car with my black box and I was surprised! Even as a learner I was getting 98-100% each journey! It made me realise that black boxes are nothing to worry about, all I need to do is drive safe. When I took out my insurance policy with Marmalade, I was comparing a black box policy with a non-black box policy, and I am saving over £1200! I personally think my black box makes me a better driver because I can reflect on any errors I have made and try and avoid the mistake the next time I get behind the box

Chanell – Track my progress

I had not long since passed my driving test before I had to book my appointment for my black box to be fitted! When I got the box installed, the engineer was asking me all sorts of questions about my car which I didn’t know the answer to! Once the engineer had installed it, I decided to head out on my first drive! I was so nervous to see what my driving score would be. With my black box policy, I can track my progress online, it tells me how harsh I’m braking and if I’m sticking to the speed limits.

Being a new driver, it almost put me off completely because all I could think was if I had a situation where I needed to break harsh (like an emergency stop) then they’re going to give me a bad score! Now I’ve been driving for a while, I’ve gotten used to the concept of having it and I’ve grown to love it! I just love the fact that I can see how much I’ve progressed as a driver from where I started!black box

So it seems the black box isn’t all doom and gloom, and in fact, can save you a lot of money AND keep you safe on the road! The question is, why wouldn’t you want one?

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