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Hannah Webb

April 26, 2019

Owning a car Young driver stories 7 min read

So when it came to choosing my first car I had one requirement and one requirement only! And that was that it had to be the colour pearl white. Unfortunately for me I couldn’t afford much and ended up dropping my requirement and went for a totally different colour. So then when it came to selling my first car and buying my second I had saved up and was this time determined to buy my ideal car, in pearl white – of course. When choosing which motor to get, I did go back and forth between the Suzuki and VW Golf but decided the Suzuki was more within my price range. When I EVENTUALLY found my perfect Suzuki in the perfect colour, I travelled for over 2 hours to view it, take it for a test drive (which I highly recommend doing) and put the deposit down. It’s fair to say I was pretty determined to get the right car in the right colour, even if it did mean travelling far to get it.

New car day

So today was the day I had been looking forward to! It was time to make the 2 hour drive again to pick up my Suzuki in pearl white! Today is the day to drive my new car home! I was so excited to get my hands on my new car…


The cool tech

So keyless entry, I have to admit, was something I had no idea about. This felt like a car from the future! And yes it took me a while to figure out how pressing the buttons could open a car door and got me thinking – how on earth is this safe?! (Spoiler alert – you still need the key on you for the keyless entry to work). When I sat in the Suzuki SZ4, it dawned on me how spacious it felt. Compared to my previous car this one felt huge! It’s a five door which is great and so much more convenient but it does make a difference to the size of the car. The car has a stop start button which again, I had no idea was even a thing, but is pretty handy if you’re like me and just chuck your keys in your bag as soon as you get into the car, forgetting you’re not quite done with them yet. Also there’s no faffing about if you stall the car – it’s just clicking the button once to reengage the engine rather than twisting the key on and off.

I have to admit, I do like my added extras. My first car was pretty basic so upgrading to the Suzuki swift was a pretty big step because there are hundreds of buttons and settings! The car has Bluetooth and there are buttons on the steering wheel to control the volume and skip songs. I don’t know if this is all Suzuki’s, or maybe it’s because mine isn’t brand new, so don’t let it put you off but I did have problems trying to connect my Bluetooth to the car. It disconnects itself on average once every month so I have to remember how to connect it again. It hasn’t happened to me in just over a month so fingers crossed I haven’t just jinxed myself!

There are so many settings for the window wipers which may sounds totally pointless to some but there is no feeling self-conscious comparing how fast your wipers are moving compared to other drivers so I count that as a perk.

My brand new Suzuki has automatic lights which turn on when it starts to get dark without me having to do a thing, and has LED day running lights – both are pretty cool and make it a lot easier as a driver as I no longer need to worry about turning them on and off. And there’s aircon which again my first car didn’t have so trying to de-ice my car in the winter months was a nightmare but having aircon (and some other features this car has to make it easier) makes it so much quicker to de-ice your car on those frosty Great British mornings.

What would I change?

Another thing I noticed now I had a bit more time to look it over was that it didn’t have parking sensors which to me was scary because my previous car did, and I’d become pretty reliant on them. Even though people do tell themselves and others that you learn to kind of ignore the parking sensors because they can beep even when you’re miles from touching anything (if you know you know) I did feel more reassured having them.

The side mirrors go in but they’re not electric so you do have to push them in, which is honestly the one thing I do wish was different about the Suzuki SZ4, but it’s not a huge deal. They do have indicator lights on them though, which does feel like a bit of an upgrade.

The boot is quite small but the back seats can’t be pulled forward to make more space so that’s fab. There’s also no light in the glove box but ok, maybe now I’m just being fussy.

Other than these really minor things, there isn’t a whole lot I would change about the tech on my new car – it’s got everything I want, and then some!

The important bit – how it drives

The Suzuki SZ4 is super comfortable and honestly, even driving long distances is a pleasure in this car. It gives you so much leg room and there’s cup holders if you have passengers. One thing which is really important to me when looking for a new car is making sure the biting point is easy enough to use (I’ve driven cars before which have an awkward biting point such as lifting your foot almost completely off the clutch and pushing down on the gas which to me personally just doesn’t feel right). The SZ4 has a nice biting point and I was able to use it easily on the first day I test drove it.

Even though I mentioned how spacious the car feels, the car is still small enough to park easily and performing manoeuvres is simple – it’s compact but it’s easy to see out of because of how big the windows are. The car does have a fair bit of go to it as well. When you put your foot down on the gas it definitely gets you up to the speed limit pretty quickly. The brakes are sharp so be wary when slowing down because I have startled myself on a few occasions when using them – but I think it’s just getting used to them more than anything. The other comment I would make regarding this car is if you like filtering through the gears and going into fifth, you are in for a treat! The Suzuki SZ4 loves fifth gear and you can even use it when going 30 – 40mph – which really helps bump up your miles per gallon, just a tip for you.

The verdict

I would 100% recommend the Suzuki SZ4 as a first car because it really is reliable. Mine is a petrol but it doesn’t eat it up like some other smaller cars do, and as long you’re using the gears correctly and not revving the engine too much – the miles per gallon are pretty good. It’s great for reversing and performing manoeuvres and it’s a pretty open car so is easy to see out of. It feels spacious and safe plus it’s a good looking car (especially in pearl white) – I’m always looking back at my car as I’m walking away and I think that’s how you know it’s the perfect car for you!

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