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Sarah Gledhill

July 4, 2019

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Hey everyone, I’m Sarah, I’m 19 and I’m studying Russian and Spanish. I’m currently on my summer break from University and definitely plan to make the most of it. Marmalade heard I was back from uni, so they contacted me and set me a challenge – what different and fun road trips can I take in a week, whilst being covered with their Student Driver Insurance? I accepted the challenge – I’ve had cover for a week and I’m going to share what I’ve been up to with all of you and all the fun I’ve had on the road with Marmalade’s Student Driver Insurance.

At the start of my week, I wanted to take a trip down the Exeter to visit my brother and his girlfriend, for her birthday. Exeter is around a three-hour drive from where I live, so quite a long journey! Before getting the insurance on my parents’ car, I may have had to get the train or ask for a lift, but luckily I had the student cover, and the car was free and mine to use! Usually, I have access to the car when my parents don’t need it, but luckily they didn’t need it. Before the trip began, I made sure to complete all the necessary car checks, including tyre pressure and brake fluid checks – all was fine, so we set out. The journey was quite smooth, minus all of the unavoidable traffic on the M5 which added an hour to the journey time. I travelled down with my best friends from home which made the journey seem a lot shorter, especially since my friends acted as DJs for the whole journey. When we arrived, we went for a lovely meal to celebrate. I really enjoyed driving down to Exeter! Even though it was quite a lengthy journey, it gave me so much more experience on motorways and long journeys in general which is amazing for boosting confidence, especially when I don’t get behind the wheel all the time – only when I’m home for the holidays.

Throughout the week and in between bigger road trips, I also visited some more friends, sometimes locally and sometimes further afield!  I love the freedom driving gives me – I’m able to see friends so much more when I have car insurance on my parent’s car because I don’t have to rely on my parents to be free to drop me off and I’m not tied down to pick up times. On one of the days I went to my favourite restaurant with a friend and as you can see from the photo, we had our own campfire marshmallows – how cool!

My second big road trip of the week was to a spa with my Mom. We booked this spa day a long time ago and originally, we planned to take the train but with me having car insurance it was easier for me to drive us there. There was lots of traffic on the way to the spa which was in Birmingham, but we expected there to be, so we allowed more time to get there. The journey didn’t seem too long and it meant that I got to catch up with my Mom some more after coming home from university the week before. The only thing that was a bit frustrating was my Mom being a bit too nervous with me driving, which made me more nervous. Eventually, we made it to the spa and had a lovely, relaxing day. The journey home was much quieter luckily and so it took nearly half the time as the journey there. It was the perfect most relaxing way to finish a week full of road trips and fun!

I would definitely recommend Student Driver Insurance to anyone looking to get more experience in driving when they’re home for the holidays for University. I love that I’m able to be more independent, less reliant on my parents for lifts and able to travel further to visit friends and family. I’ll definitely be returning to Marmalade when I graduate university, hopefully with my own car! Until then, I know I can get quick and easy cover in the holidays when I need it!

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Sarah Gledhill profile

By Sarah Gledhill

'I love the freedom that student car insurance gives me when I’m home from university! When I graduate, I’m hoping to buy my own car and gain even more driving experience.'  See more posts by Sarah

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