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Preparing for my longest road trip

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Chloe Martell

August 2, 2018

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I’ve been driving for around 4 months now, so whilst I’m getting used to being behind the wheel, I’m still pretty new at it! I do, however, like to challenge myself in driving – a lot! If there is a road trip coming up, or me and my boyfriend decide we want to take a spontaneous trip to the seaside, I’m the first to offer to drive us there. Not because I particularly enjoy traffic jams, road works and other erratic drivers, but because I like to know that I can deal with challenging situations, and generally I’d say I do pretty well. Of course, this attitude has meant I have agreed to be the designated driver on a long weekend away with my other half – to Wales – which by my calculations (or from what Google has told me) is a 4 hour and 26-minute drive from where I live. I’ve already agreed to drive, and I definitely won’t be backing down from the challenge anytime soon! So even though for a split second, I considered the 55-hour walk to get there, instead I’m preparing for my first crazy long journey – and here’s how!


Check it out

As much as I try to keep on top of car maintenance, I’m not the best at it. I often have my Dad reminding me to check my oil, or find that I’ve run out of screenwash just as I need it however over 4 hours on the road means I’ll be checking everything – and then some! I have read and written plenty of articles on car maintenance so I’ll be sure to check my tyres, lights, oil, water and everything else on the list thoroughly.

At the roundabout, take the third exit

It goes without saying that my sat nav on this journey is going to be my best friend. I am straight up useless when it comes to directions so no, I have no idea how to get to Wales off the top of my head. I’ll make sure my sat nav is charged, and plugged in for the entire journey – I will not let it die halfway there! I’ll also be popping in the exact postcode I need, so we get to where we need to be with no issues. Wales is a big place, ya’ know!


Pit stop

Going over 4 hours without a rest is insane, so it’s not something I’ll be doing anytime soon. I’ll be planning out my stops before setting off, so I know exactly where to turn off and where to get back on. Now I don’t really want to be stopping and resetting the sat nav at each stop – so I’ll plan the service stations around the already very long route. Knowing when to stop? This is a job I will leave in my boyfriend’s hands – which means we’ll probably end up at our destination without having stopped once, desperate for the loo and absolutely famished!

Fill it up!

I’ll admit, I’m not the most prepared of drivers. I fill up my tank when it gets low and I don’t really know how many miles my car can do on 1 tank of petrol, so this is something I probably need to work out! If a full tank of petrol will take me on the near 200-mile journey without having to put more in then great. If not, I’ll need to figure out where I’m going to stop to put more in.



Like the little girl who loves snacks and became an internet sensation – I to, constantly think about where my next meal is coming from. Now in the real world, I can easily go 4-5 hours without food (I’m not a monster) but for some reason, being in the car makes me hungrier than usual – surely it’s not just me? To fix this issue (and keep me going before I stop for the inevitable McDonalds) I am stocking up on sweets, drinks, and other things I can have on the go! Food should always be the priority, kids.


I can’t take any more

In seriousness, I am determined to be behind the wheel for the entirety of this journey, but I know it may become a bit too much. I believe I can do it, and want to show how much I have progressed in the few short months I’ve had my full licence! With that being said, I won’t carry on driving if it does become too much. In preparation for this road trip, I have added my boyfriend as a Named Driver onto my insurance policy – so whilst I want to make the whole journey myself, he can take the wheel if I do get a tad overwhelmed!

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