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Kimberley Dodge

August 14, 2018

Owning a car Young driver stories 2 min read

Purchasing your first car can make you feel a bit like a kid in a candy shop; there are so many exciting and colourful options to choose from and you want something that’s going to make you look like the coolest kid in the carpark. Maybe a candy-floss pink Fiat 500? A bubble-gum blue Mini Cooper? Or even a minty-green Volkswagen Polo? But, just like when it comes to buying your favourite pick ‘n’ mix at the counter, your parent’s reign in your impracticalities, leaving you with the more reasonably priced and less glamorously impractical liquorice-black, second hand Ford. Which, just like a stick of liquorice, isn’t really the sweet taste you were after, but in the long run it’s way better for you.

Yet, now you’re left with an exceedingly bland vehicle, miles away from your expectations of a sparkling new, lemon sherbet coloured motor. Of course, I too fell victim to the sensibilities of my parents, forking out for a plain-looking, simply black Fiat Punto. Therefore, when Marmalade challenged me to ‘pimp my ride’, I was extremely eager to accept the task and get customising!

With Amazon at the ready, I tried to fill up my basket with a range of items that not only made my car look great, but were also functional too. Check out the video to see how I got on, as I open up my delivery packages and test out some of these funky accessories.

Admittedly, not everything went strictly to plan: some of the items I got were a bit of a fail, although once I get a phone case – I’ll be able to use the phone holder as the perfect sat nav! I had a lot of fun doing this challenge, and would definitely recommend ‘pimping’ out your car if you’re feeling slightly disheartened by its initial appearance. Trust me, buying a set of fluffy dice and a few cool bumper stickers is way cheaper than having to fork out for a shiny, new, gum-drop coloured ride.

Kimberley Dodge profile

By Kimberley Dodge

'For me, driving means freedom. I passed my test a year ago and so I’ve been enjoying getting where I want, when I want. I’m now 18, so having my own car has given me a lot more independence: I no longer have to rely on the taxi of mum and dad!'  See more posts by Kimberley

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