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July 19, 2017

Young driver stories 6 min read

In the lead-up to our big VIP day at Rockingham Race Circuit, we asked the young drivers out there what their dream road trips would be. We were blown away by the fantastic responses and are now all feeling ready to jump into a convertible and go on an adventure! These dream road trips are the creations of our competition winners, who joined us at Rockingham for an incredible day of driving.

*Warning: May cause serious road trip cravings!*


“I would drive to Penzance in Cornwall as it’s a long drive with good scenery! I’d love to drive in my Dad’s vintage 1968 Ford Mustang GT 390. I’d take my closest friend and boyfriend and blast out throwback tunes from the 90’s/2000’s! On the way, I’d love to stop at as many tourist spots as possible and create a thousand memories. I’d want to take a trip to Land’s End as well and I’d love to have a picture of the Mustang by the Land’s End sign with all 3 of us by the car (but I’m 90% sure that isn’t possible!). After Cornwall, I’d want to drive back home along the coast, all the way to Portsmouth and stop off at my Nan’s house – trying to visit as many beaches as possible along the way! Fish and chips every night to keep us all going as well. The trip home would be a chilled vibe with throwback tunes playing and I’d want to stop off at the pub; obviously not drink myself but buying drinks for my friends.”

Laura's Dream Road Trip


“My car of choice would be the classic red and white Chevy Bel Air sat next to my old man, whilst listening to Motown music on the cassette! I would start with an ice cream in Salcombe which is in Devon and drive all along the coastal roads – stopping off at every single little town that had a beach, such as Dartmouth, which is only about 12 miles away! If I could, I would drive up onto the beach, set out a little picnic, and then set off again with an ice-cold milkshake.

When we finally reach our final destination – Upper Thames sailing club in Bourne End – and we hear the roar of the engine stop, I would take a deep breath and say, “I miss you dad and thank you for joining me!”. I would proceed to get a cold beer and sit and watch the sailing with my old man in my thoughts.”

Young Drivers' Dream Road Trips // Chevy Bel Air


“My dream car journey would have to be to drive up the West Coast of the USA. It’d be a long one, starting out in Texas, looping round and up through Nevada, California, Wyoming. Cursing through the desert to Vegas in a 5.0 V8 Mustang, open top, wind blowing around the car without a care in the world. All supplemented by some classic rock, AC/DC, Motorhead, Def Leppard. Then maybe go a bit softer onto the Police, Mr Mister and A-ha.

Pull into Vegas and cruise through the main strip admiring the views, stop in the casinos, then onto the next place. Drive up through Death Valley in the blistering heat and stop off at a traditional American diner, stay a night in a motel. Then on to LA where it’d have to be Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Venice Beach, go to Universal Studios, and onto San Fran where I could do some sightseeing and live some of my old gaming memories, visit Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Do all that and back in time for tea ;-)”

Young Drivers' Dream Road Trips // Death Valley


“My ideal road trip would be a trip around Europe in a Ferrari 488 Spider, if I could dream for a day. The reason being you have a comfortable Gran Tourer for the motorways, a great sounding engine for entertainment when you don’t want to listen to music, a convertible for the sunny days and the road presence that’ll make anyone look. If you stop at some race tracks on the trip you’ll also have the power that’ll beat almost anything. That’s if I had unlimited money! On a more reasonable budget, I’d choose an BMW M4 or a Mercedes AMG C63 S. Both could easily make you smile ear-to-ear on any road.

One of the first places I’d go to is the mountain roads in Switzerland, making my way through Germany on the way to visit some of the car museums such as BMW Munich, Mercedes-Benz Stuttgart, Porsche Stuttgart and more. I’d also love to see the local attractions too as there’s some beautiful places and things to do in the Cities as well as the local towns in Europe. After Switzerland, I’d make my way to Italy to drive on their best driving roads. En route I’d go to Maranello; to the home of Ferrari.

I’d choose to spend those adventures with my wonderful girlfriend who is also a car enthusiast and would love the driving roads, and my fuel-filled friends – Sid, Roger, and Chris.

Music is needed with any road trip. I’d like to listen to some classics, ranging from anything from 80’s up to the 2000’s with some songs that everyone can sing along with and have a laugh.”

Jamie's Dream Road Trip

dream road trip playlist

Unfortunately we can’t send you on these amazing road trips, but we have compiled a playlist of our winner’s favourite tunes (and some of ours!) for you to enjoy when you’re hitting the road on your own adventures!

Wow, what a selection of amazing places, cars, and music! We’d love to know where your dream road trip would take you, so feel free to share yours with us on Facebook!

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