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Mums view of Black box technology

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Hayley Round

June 27, 2018

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It’s a daunting time for any parent to see their child in a car alone – right? (At least I’m sure it’s not just my mum that worries when I hop into my car) However, having a black box seems to have helped. I decided to have a catch up with my mum to see what she really thinks of my black box and find out how it helps keep the nerves of my driving alone at bay.

It was actually my mum’s idea for me to get a black box insurance policy. The first thing that swayed the both of us was the price. Without a box, I was looking at around £4000 for my insurance annually – crazy! But after looking into black boxes, I got my insurance for less than half of that price. Thank goodness for that!

Why do you think it was a good idea for me to have a black box insurance policy?

Not just a good idea but a great idea! Firstly the insurance is so much cheaper which is an all-around winner.
Also after each journey, you can reflect on how well you’ve driven by viewing your driving portal. It’s great because if you have made any mistakes or errors, your black box will know and you can avoid making the same mistake again. I just want you to be safe behind the wheel, and your black box definitely helps that.


Mum, would you recommend black box insurance to others?

Absolutely! In fact, I passed on details of Marmalade to someone who passed their test earlier today!

What would you say the disadvantages are of having a black box?

Mmm, that’s a good one! There isn’t really any disadvantages of having a black box. That is until your dad drives your car. I have to worry about his driving more than yours and hope he doesn’t get you a red journey or affect your driving score!

How did you feel when I passed my driving test knowing I would now be out on the roads alone?

At first – I was pretty nervous! Because you passed your test in December, there was lots of snow and ice around and this makes driving even more difficult! Even I try to avoid driving in these conditions. This was made worse because you were such a new driver, I was worried every time you got into the car.


Do you ever feel sceptical about the tracking and technology?

No, because I feel this is a good idea also feel it makes you more aware of how you are driving. Also if you were to have an accident the tracking means you can be located by emergency services, marmalade may make me aware of this so I can also come to see if you are ok.

What do you think of the money we saved?

Your insurance dropped by 33% which is fantastic! I know you’re doing everything you can to drive safe – so to then be rewarded by the reduced premium on renewal is wonderful.

What do you think the big differences are between learning to drive now and when you were learning?

There are quite a few differences. When I was learning, all I had to do to get my full licence was take a test and answer a few questions at the end. Now, you have to take a theory test and a practical test! There’s also lots more traffic on the road today – so I’d say it was easier to pass when I was learning.


Do you wish you had a black box policy?

Of course! I think a black box would have been good when I passed but unfortunately, the technology wasn’t around then.

How much was your insurance when you first passed your test?

When I passed I was added as a named driver and it cost around £30 – but this was in 1986! I think it’s fair to say it’s a tad more expensive now.

So it turns out, having a black box does make my mum feel calmer in knowing that I am working harder on being safe behind the wheel – and I am sure she is not the only parent who feels the same! Overall, black box insurance is a fab way to keep me safe on the road, keep my premium costs down and keep my mum from panicking whenever I hop in my car, so it’s something my mum and I definitely recommend. But seriously – £30 for insurance?! Get me back to 1986.

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By Hayley Round

'I love driving because it gives me freedom to go to new places. Passing my test December 2017 was a huge a milestone and helps a lot with my job and constant changing hours of work!'  See more posts by Hayley

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