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Hayley Round

October 16, 2018

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Hi, I’m Hayley and I recently got my hands on a new (second hand) car. It was a different experience than buying my first car, as I’d learned a lot about the type of car I wanted, so I figured I would share a blog with you all so if you’re in the market for a new car, you can see what I did.

It wasn’t working out

My first car was a blue Renault Twingo, and for a first car – it was great! I felt and looked a lot like the Fiat 500 which I’d dreamed of, but it had the added bonus of having 5 doors. Everything was going fine with the Twingo, but there were a few things I noticed that started to make me worry and made me think I should consider getting a new set of wheels.

For those who don’t know (because I didn’t), the engine in the Twingo is in the back, which for the technical driving side of things is fine… I think. What made me worry, however, was that if I were to break down and needed to access the engine, I’d have to take everything out of the boot to get to it. All I could imagine was taking out 2 weeks’ worth of shopping at the side of the road in the pouring rain – not something I particularly wanted to happen!


The reasons I decided to get a new car

Whilst I loved my Twingo, it really lacked tech, and I mean – it had barely anything! There were no automatic lights, no CD player, no quick clear windscreen options. I know these are relatively new things to have in cars and whilst it didn’t affect my driving overall, having these options would have made my long driving journeys a lot nicer! And with that I made a decision – I was going to get a new car!

Shall I get a new car or a used car?

The next big question came. Do I get a new or a used car? After weighing up the pros and cons of each, I decided that I didn’t want to finance a brand new car so suck with looking at used cars. With that being said, I didn’t want to end up with a car that had no tech (again) so I settled that a 65 plate would be the oldest I’d go. I had a budget in mind and decided that I’d shop around to see what I could get. I also planned to trade in my first car which a lot of dealerships did – this helped me save money!

I looked online to start with to see which cars had the tech I wanted and came within budget. I whittled it down to 3 options:

  • A Kia Picanto
  • A Hyundai i10
  • A Ford Fiesta

At that point, the ford was the front-runner. My mum has always driven Ford Fiesta’s and I’d always liked it – if not worried it would be a little big for me to drive. I knew Ford had a good reputation, and because my mum was a pro ‘Ford’ driver, I knew she’d be able to answer car questions from first-hand experience. Sold! I wanted a Ford Fiesta.


Buying my new car

I went to a garage that sold Ford’s and instantly came across a gleaming dark silver 65 plate Ford Fiesta – I fell in love and it was within budget! I took this car on a test drive the same day and fell for it even more. The drive was really smooth and just felt a lot nicer to drive than my Twingo.

After taking the test drive, I also got my dad to test drive it in case there was anything wrong with the car that I hadn’t noticed. As it was second hand, this is something I had to look out for. With everything looking good,  I decided to go ahead and make a deal! I also traded in my old car so it cost me less than I thought! With the money I’d saved, I decided to add a few extras on to my new car (because a girl has got to treat herself, right?) I added sensors to help me with parking as it was a little bigger than my Twingo. I also got 3 years of breakdown cover, a service plan and a warranty plan!

Picking up my new set of wheels

I got in touch with Marmalade to change over my insurance before switching cars over. At the garage, we moved my black box from my Twingo to my new car. Luckily it’s just attached to the battery so it doesn’t take too long at all!

I then handed my old keys in, signed a lot of paperwork and after about half an hour, I was taken over to my new car!  The salesman tuned my radio to my preferred station and added my phone to the cars Bluetooth. Before I knew it, I was driving away in my new car!


Was it the right decision?

Overall I am really happy with my decision to buy a new car. I’ve always liked Ford Fiesta’s so it was an easy decision to make. What’s even better is that it’s not as difficult to park as I thought it would be – even though it is a lot bigger than my first car. My insurance did increase but considering I was 3 insurance groups higher with my new purchase, the increase of £25 pounds a month wasn’t too bad at all! I now have a car with the technology I’ve always wanted, in an amazing colour!

Hayley Round profile

By Hayley Round

'I love driving because it gives me freedom to go to new places. Passing my test December 2017 was a huge a milestone and helps a lot with my job and constant changing hours of work!'  See more posts by Hayley

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