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Gemma Louise

February 11, 2019

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Hi I’m Gemma and I’m a full time photographer and blogger. Today I’m going to be chatting a bit about how learning to drive has changed my career for the better, and how it has given me so many new opportunities that I wouldn’t have got before driving. So grab a cuppa and keep reading!

Before passing my test

Before passing my driving test, I was very limited to what I could do. I blog full time and photography is a huge part of that and my “brand” – I mostly work with brands because my photography catches their eye, it’s what sells me if you like. Totally not blowing my own trumpet by the way, this is what they tell me when they hire me! So yeah, I was really limited as I didn’t drive, I didn’t have a car and getting around with a baby was just not easy to say the least. I couldn’t even attend blogging events as most of them are held in big cities and the cost of getting the train, plus having to lug a baby and a buggy on board with me just wasn’t ideal.


It definitely limited my opportunities and the chance to network a lot, as blogging events give you the chance to not only meet likeminded people, but to connect with brands and therefore sell yourself and get more work in – which pays the bills! I also wasn’t able to go anywhere new and take photos so in that sense I had to stick to taking them at home all of the time which made my content for my blog and my instagram get a bit repetitive which I hated. If I wanted to go out and take some photos in the country for example, I’d always have to ask someone to take me out for the day and having to rely on others was a nightmare!

After passing my test

Since passing my driving test, it has really changed and shaped my career path and I think that’s shown through the content I’ve created. I have been on so many road trips to explore new places, therefore being able to shoot new and fresh content in the outdoors. My blogging niche has become a lot more lifestyle based which has paid off massively. Not only has my audience grown, but my content and my photography have too and I’m in a much better place than I was before. I’ve had new opportunities to work with brands that I wouldn’t have got if I wasn’t driving. For example, last week I was paid to hire a car and take it out all week to shoot content with it and review the car itself on my blog.


If I wasn’t driving I would never have got that opportunity and it’s by far one of the best experiences I’ve had in my career so far! I’ve also been able to create a lot more travel content which is something I’ve always wanted to get into, and when it comes to working with travel brands as a blogger/influencer, you don’t really get the opportunity unless you’ve got a lot of experience so driving has benefited me massively in that area. I’m also able to actually attend blogging events now and meet up with other bloggers (albeit a lot of events are held in London which is a little bit far for me to go) but there are also a lot of events held up North which I can now go to, like in Manchester for example as it’s only a 2 hour drive which is nothing if you get up early and get off! Even little things like a hotel putting you up for a weekend in exchange for a review on the blog – I would have had to get transport to them before, but now it’s  just a case of throwing a bag in the car and I’m off. It’s fab.

I feel so much more confident in myself and my work since driving, as that extra freedom really does change you as a person so much. As a blogger and a one woman business, my confidence in my own work is so important so driving really was the best thing I could have done not only for myself, but for my business too!

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Gemma Louise profile

By Gemma Louise

'I'm Gemma, I'm 24 and a full-time blogger and photographer. I'm a solo mama to a two-year-old who is the best little sidekick. I've recently passed my driving test and it's one of the best things I've ever done, the freedom is immense. I love driving!'  See more posts by Gemma

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