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Grab your mates for the drive to freedom!

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Jim Knight

June 2, 2016

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Hey drivers – it’s Jim!

As the summer is finally upon us, I thought that I should take the time to talk about one of the most under-talked about topics regarding driving – the social aspect! As you’ll know if you follow my social media accounts and YouTube channel, my social life and my friends are some of the most important aspects of my life. I passed my practical driving test last May and finished my last A-Level exams mid-June, so I had the whole summer ahead to enjoy driving around and having fun with my friends; it was great!

Spontaneous adventures are always the best!

teens looking our amongst glorious landscape

Having the freedom to ring some of my mates, pick them up and then just drive with no particular destination in mind was so exhilarating! We had some of the best times that summer and I miss them dearly; being at university myself now I don’t get to see my friends all the time, and I no longer have my car to hand to be able to go on ‘adventures’ as we used to call them. I remember one evening last summer when the weather was beautiful, we decided to go on a spontaneous drive. I picked up my friends, stopped off at one of the county co-ops and bought some picnic goods, then drove up to the top of a nearby hill on the edge of Oxford – named White Horse Hill. The views were incredible because of the weather and we had such a lovely summer evening. I recall that there were a lot of maybugs about (which are huge by the way!), and we sort of got ‘attacked’ by them, so we had to keep moving around; me and my friends still laugh about it now!

Always opt for a coffee instead of a bottle

friends sat around a table drinking coffee

Another frequent drive we often made was driving to a local Starbucks that was open late at night and going for a cheeky coffee. Of course, if you’re driving late at night or in general for that matter – have fun, but safety is still of upmost importance! Never put your life, or your friends’ lives at risk under any circumstances. Although there is a limit on alcohol that you are still legal to drive upon, I would suggest never driving under the influence of any alcohol at all – even if it is ‘legal’. If anything ever did happen and you had been drinking, you will never know if it could have been avoided if you didn’t have that one drink. There are also lots of gadgets and gizmos available nowadays that can enhance the safety of you and your car. Things like sat navs even help as you don’t have to be taking your attention off the road to worry about where you are going – something else is taking care of that for you! Marmalade very kindly sent me some gadgets to try out recently, so stay tuned as I’m sure I’ll be talking about them at some point soon!

The liberation of the young driver

So, I hope you have got a little bit more of an idea about how fun and liberating it can be to be a young driver (when taking safety into account, of course!). Go out and make the most of your freedom, and if you’re still working towards passing your test, I hope that I have given you some motivation and something to look forward to! If you do happen to go on any ‘adventures’ with your friends this weekend, make sure you share them with me on my social media which will be linked below – I can’t wait to hear what you all get up to!!
Thanks for reading, and until next time – have fun driving!

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Jim Knight profile

By Jim Knight

'Over the last 3 and a half years I have been making vlogs on my YouTube channel where I get up to all sorts of things. One of my biggest achievements over those years was passing my driving test!'  See more posts by Jim

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