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August 20, 2018

Young driver stories 5 min read

Here at Marmalade, we’re all about giving young drivers the freedom to get out on the road. Whether you come to us for your insurance, driving tips, competitions or memes, whatever you need on your driving journey – we’ve got!

We asked young people what freedom driving has given them – so if you’ve not yet found a reason to get behind the wheel, we’re sure you will after reading a few of these!

Kimberley, 18. Passed test April 2018

Kimberley said “Owning your own car promises a great deal of freedom: you can go anywhere and everywhere whenever you want! Getting my licence, for me, has been like getting a new set of legs – I can finally be independent and go on fun adventures and road trips with my friends.”

Jake loves the freedom driving has given him, too! He said “Being able to drive has given me many opportunities to go and do things that I would never have been able to do without passing my test. On my days off I can do stuff so easily like go to town or pop to go out and eat. I get to go to places further afield, too! If I didn’t drive, I wouldn’t often get to see friends who are away and university but because I have my own set of wheels, I can pop and see them whenever I like!

Kirsty, 24. Passed test May 2018

For some, it’s more about what we can get over where we can go! Kirsty said “Since passing my test – it’s been amazing because I don’t have to rely on anyone anymore. If I fancy a Krispy Kreme Donut I will go get myself a Krispy Kreme Donut. If I fancy Chicken will go KFC and get chicken. Talk about freedom!”


Many of us talk about how much it costs to drive, but do we ever think about how much more we get from driving? Lloyd does! He said “Since passing my test, driving has allowed me to become more independent and allowed me to progress at work and basically earn more money! If I was still not driving I would have to rely on other people and public transport to take me to or from work, but now I can drive I have so many more work opportunities that are further afield.”

What about the things you couldn’t take part in before passing your test? Lewis said “I have been to Monte Carlo several times and have always drawled over the abundance of cars driving through the F1 track.  My dream was to drive a red Ferrari around the mountains where James Bond chase scenes were filmed and cruise through the town on the F1 track.  Thanks to having a driving licence, for two hours I felt like the man of Monte Carlo as I took a red Ferrari this summer along exactly those routes. It’s safe to say driving has given me the freedom to tick an item off my bucket list.”


Learner drivers

What about those who haven’t yet passed their driving test? We wanted to know what freedom they were looking forward to!

Chris said “Although I haven’t passed yet, the freedom of being able to drive will give me will be huge! When I do pass, I’ll be living out one of my dreams – driving Route 66 in America!

For some, it’s mainly the practicality of having a driving licence and a car that is urging them to get that magic pass! Harvey said “Learning to drive is an exciting prospect for me as it would make it a lot easier for me to treat my son to days out, to experience different places up and down the UK! It will also make life a lot easier because if there is an emergency, it will be a comfort knowing I can hop in the car and get it sorted. I’ll definitely be learning to drive soon!”

Katie, 20. Learner Driver

Katie is looking forward to the road trips the most, and she said “I absolutely can’t wait to pass my driving test! Once I do pass, I will gain so much freedom and be able to go where I want – when I want. I can drive my partner and I places too, which will be great because at the moment it’s him in the driving seat all the time! I’ll enjoy having the freedom to drive to places whenever I want and not have to rely on anyone. Days out will no longer be an issue because I can take myself anywhere I like.”

It’s great to hear how driving has given everyone the freedom they dreamed of, and we wish all of those who have not yet passed their test luck in getting there!

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