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August 15, 2018

Young driver stories 6 min read

Where would we be without those purely cringe-worthy moments that we experience when we’re driving? You think you know everything, and yet there are times when we have such an embarrassing driving moment – you wonder why anyone would let you behind the wheel of a car.

And even though these moments make us shudder in disbelief that we can be so dim – looking back they can be pretty hilarious, right? We’ve pulled together different stories from drivers who are letting us know how it all went horribly wrong.

Liam: Clean it up, buddy

An embarrassing and borderline heart-wrenching moment for me would be only a couple of weeks ago. My best friend, her boyfriend and I took a road trip to the beach to make the most of the hot weather. They met me at my house and then I drove the rest of the way. They had brought along snacks for the road as well as drinks – apple juice is a winner with me! We had a great day at the beach, all the while my car was parked in the sun with the leftover drinks and snacks still in the car, but on the way back I made sure to stop and throw it all away, at least that’s what I thought.

A week goes by and the hot weather continued, meaning my car was almost constantly parked in the sun. The following weekend I had to pop into town to run an errand. Of course, I parked on the street in the sun as the heatwave continued. It wasn’t until I was walking back to my car when there was an issue. I unlocked it and just as I was about to open the door, what sounded like a gunshot came from inside the car! Startled, I jumped back from the car and start to panic thinking maybe an airbag had deployed for some reason. It wasn’t until I looked in the back – I could see apple juice absolutely everywhere! It was all up against the doors at the back, the back windows, all on my white roof lining, on the seats and had soaked into the carpet.

This, of course, meant my poor, brand new car smelt like rotting apples for days after while I tried everything to get the smell out. What’s worried me more, however, was what would have happened if I was driving when the apple juice bomb went off! Moral of the story – make sure you go hunting for your friend’s trash at the back of your car otherwise you’ll end up with apple juice exploding everywhere.


Kimberley: Call me the stalling queen

Without a doubt, one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to any driver is stalling the car. It makes you feel and look ridiculously stupid, as well as irritating the waiting hordes behind you. It’s especially humiliating when stalling on a roundabout or after a red light has turned green; people get so agitated and start to beep and honk as you have to hank on the handbrake and sheepishly restart your engine. After passing my test, my first run in my new car was filled with embarrassing stalls, but the cherry on top of the cake of mortification is when I repeatedly continued to stall the engine multiple times in a row. You can get away with it when with learner plates on, but when you’re a fully-fledged driver it’s just downright embarrassing!


Amy: Hills are not my friend

So here it is guys, my embarrassing story – when I first received my car, as you do you take it out for a spin which is what I did. Except my Nan wanted to go shopping, to Waitrose where there is a hill start… (Amy doesn’t like hills that much) especially when there is a new car involved! On the way there, I come up to the hill, traffic lights turn red so I have to wait patiently. As soon as they turned green my heart jumped into my mouth, I felt all confident and suddenly BAM… I stalled! Of course I did. It wasn’t just a stall – it was on a hill, with a police car behind me! To make it even worse, I didn’t stall once and then get going, I stalled around 6 times before I made my way up that damn hill – and then stalled several times on the way home because I couldn’t stop panicking! The fact of the matter is I rushed everything, I panicked and messed it up a couple of time. I’m sure I’ll give it another go… one day!


Joe: I’m spinning around

Everybody knows that when a lollipop lady holds up her sign: you stop. Handbrake and all. There I was, waiting as the last of the kids made it to the other side under her fluorescent guidance. However, I’m impatient. Before she could grant me continuation on my way, my foot slipped onto the gas pedal where I had it eagerly hovering.


The car genuinely roared a fuel-filled, furious snarl- and it’s fair to say that this lollipop lady nearly fainted in fright. Visibly jumping back, the stop sign twirling dizzy in her hand, her eyes dazed and fluttering, she stumbled around petrified on the central reservation. She quickly recovered from her shock and luckily allowed me to pass. I am very thankful she did not hit the windscreen with her stop sign. Heavy-footed people near delicate pedals is not a good mix.

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