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Amy Thomas

November 29, 2016

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In the middle of September this year, we spoke to our ambassador Amy to hear her thoughts on telematics and capture her driving experiences! The black box device monitors the ABC’s of driving i.e. braking, cornering, acceleration and average speed. We’re pleased to say that not once did Amy get what’s known as a “red journey” which is deemed as dangerous and unsafe driving. But she did have a 1 or 2 blips on the M1 during her expedition to McDonalds one evening!


In this video you can see how Amy’s acceleration is quick and excessive over a short space of time. She gathers speed very quickly as a result of her foot being put down a bit too hastily, going from 25mph to 37mph.

Amy Comment – In this clip, I accelerate harshly to try and keep up with the traffic. I was also running low on fuel at this point so I wanted to try and find a petrol station as soon as possible!


On this part of the journey it appears Amy’s speed drops quite substantially as she approaches the roundabout and traffic lights indicating she had to brake a bit harder than usual. This is probably due to the fact a car had broken down in front of her and consequently the flow of traffic in that area is temporarily disrupted. She then has to manoeuvre around the vehicle to get going again.

Amy Comment – Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the bad language! I couldn’t see the broken down car until I actually got to it and no one would let me out into the other lane, even though I was indicating. I was running low on fuel and I had no idea where I was! As I hadn’t driven the Fiat 500 for long, I had no idea what the fuel range what like! Thanks to my Garmin Satnav I finally found a petrol station.


Here the black box has picked her up for a cornering issue, as the speed at which she enters the roundabout is around 30 mph which would not be the speed you would take if the traffic wasn’t clear and you were required to give way.

Amy Comment – Although I was going a little bit too fast into the roundabout as it crept up on me, the roundabout was clear and I was able to carry on with no problems. I should have slowed down approaching the roundabout, being more cautious and more aware.


Unfortunately for her she did have to endure a couple of incidents which were beyond her control. We thought she handled these next 2 situations very well  considering the panic over the lorry in front and the chancer who decides to cut her up last minute as she exits the motorway.

Amy Comment – The lorry in the third lane decided to indicate very late and pull in way too early, causing me to brake. Then I moved over into the lane I needed to then be cut up by another driver which I ‘honked’ at to show my annoyance, finally driving a car with the horn in the middle of the steering wheel rather than on the end of the indicator stick was very satisfactory too!

Despite these 3 minor points above, Amy still managed to get a very reputable driving score on this journey at 82.47% which is very much within the “green” for good scoring. This is what she had to say about the journey and her views on telematics.

Amy Comment – Driving with a telematics box really does make you think about your driving style and how you should approach driving in general. It makes you keep an eye on your speed and your ‘aggressiveness’ whilst driving. Although I am into racing and motorsport, I am generally quite a calm drive, even if these videos show different. I enjoy driving and I loved the Fiat 500, it was a lovely little car and perfect for any first time drivers.

And what way to finish off a journey than digging into a Big Mac… ?

Amy Thomas profile

By Amy Thomas

'I'm currently studying Motorsport Technology at university! My dream is to become an F1 race engineer and as you've probably guessed, I love cars! Motorsport and cars are my passion, not forgetting motorbikes also!'  See more posts by Amy

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