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Top safety products for your child's car

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Chloe Martell

April 28, 2020

Parent advice 5 min read

Now your child has passed their test and they’re out on the open road by themselves, it can be a daunting and nerve-wracking experience for the parents. We have put together a list of handy safety products for you to encourage your children to keep in their car, and whilst they probably think you’re being over-protective, it will be sure to give you some peace of mind!

First-aid kit

We all have a first aid kit on hand at home, and in the office, so why not have one in the car? You never know when things like plasters or anti-septic wipes will come in handy. They don’t take up much space, so encourage your child to have one tucked away in their car boot just in case!


Reflective warning triangles

If your son or daughter has broken down or had an accident, it is a great idea to have reflective triangles to hand. Putting them out onto the road to warn other road users that they’re there is crucial, and will make them more visible than just using their hazards.

Jump leads

All it takes is to accidentally leave your lights or radio on for a long period of time without the engine running, to run the battery dead. Having jump leads on hand are a great way to help recharge the car battery to get your child home safe.

Torch and batteries

If your child breaks down at night time, they’re going to need to see what the problem is. Having a torch in their car will give them and you peace of mind. We recommend that the torch is waterproof (it will be no good in heavy rain otherwise). Keep batteries to hand to, to guarantee it will work when it’s needed.

Duct tape

The universal fix-it-all. Keeping duct tape on board means if your child has any problems out on the road, they have a quick fix solution until the damage can be repaired properly.


Warm blanket

When it gets to winter, breaking down and being in an accident is increased by around 20%. If your child is stuck out on snowy roads and is waiting for recovery, they will be thankful for you packing away a warm blanket in their car.

Ice scraper

If your child is setting off on a journey after a cold winter’s day, they’re going to need to de-ice their car. As well as a lot of other things your child can do to prepare for winter driving, having an ice scraper on hand is key.

Car manual

Make sure your child keeps their car manual in their glove box. It will give any specifics when it comes to the car they’re driving. All cars are different so a solution to a problem for one car, may not be the same as the next.

USB phone charger/portable charger

Although we don’t doubt your child will go anywhere without a full phone battery, it is good to have an extra power source on board. If your child breaks down or needs assistance out on the road, they’ll need a phone to contact the appropriate help – and it always gives you peace of mind, when they text to say they’ve arrived at their destination.

Just remind them of the laws surrounding mobile phone use, so that they don’t end up with points on their licence and a fine, or worse.


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By Chloe Martell

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