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December 22, 2017

Parent advice 3 min read

It’s an exciting time when your child passes their driving test, and as relieved as you may feel that you no longer have to be their personal taxi driver, the daunting fact that they can now drive independently soon follows that sigh of relief!

We’ve decided to put together some advice to help you keep calm at this scary time, and ways in which you can help your son or daughter now they can drive!

The first car

Whether it’s your child getting their own first car, or you’re getting it for them, give them a helping hand with more than just handing over the money. Check the safety features, in-car tech, service history (if buying second-hand) and the car’s NCAP rating (every car is scored out of 5, for how safe they are). These things will help in keeping you calm when they’re out on the road. If you want to keep the safety of the car your child is driving as a priority, getting them a brand new car is a great way to do that! Generally, the newer the car, the safer it is.

How do you drive?

Now they’ve passed, the time for picking up their own driving habits begins. Be mindful of how you are on the road, because they may still be watching and asking.

Extra training

Your child may have just passed, and can legally be out on the road alone now – but that won’t stop you from being anxious whenever they drive. Doing advanced training courses such as a PassPlus course is a great way to help your teen become even more confident on the road! You can learn the things you don’t in your regular driving lessons, such as driving on the motorway and practising in bad weather conditions!

Set some rules

Whether you helped them buy the car or not, as a parent you’re within your right to set some ground rules for when they’re behind the wheel. Things like keeping their phone off and away, and not playing their music too loud. The first few months (maybe even longer, it depends on the person) of being behind the wheel independently are exciting but don’t come without risks. Keeping as much of their attention on the road as possible at all times is key!

What if they don’t listen?

You wouldn’t be the first parent in history to have a teenager who simply thinks you’re being over protecting for no reason, but we know how nerve-wracking this time can be. Our black box insurance is a great way to review your child’s driving, to see where they’re driving well and what could be improved. We provide detailed reviews of every journey, including seeing the map to the roads they have driven on. It can be a great way to sit down with your child, and discuss their driving if it does need to improve – although we’re sure they’re just fine behind the wheel!

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