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July 3, 2017

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Owning and running a car can be expensive, so we understand why many drivers work hard to keep the costs down as much as possible. You don’t buy a car that is above your budget, you seek out the cheapest fuel costs in your area, you may even decide against the optional ‘extras’ such as breakdown cover…

But what if you did then break down?

How would you cope if something went wrong with your car part way through a journey and you couldn’t get home?

Our young drivers have told us that breaking down is their number 1 fear* when it comes to being on the road, so having the security of knowing that someone will always be able to come and help will go far in easing that anxiety.

Why not ask yourself these questions?

  1. Are you a mechanic, and if so do you carry a full load of tools with you everywhere you go?
  2. Do you know a mechanic who could drop everything and come to your rescue, anywhere or any time?
  3. Have you got a car that is 100% guaranteed to never, ever have even the tiniest issue?

Unless you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to one of those (and if you have got that car then please let us know what it is – we want one!) then there is a chance that at some point, you may break down and need assistance at the roadside.

As with everything in life, one size doesn’t fit all and that is why, when you purchase our New Driver Insurance on your own car you can choose one of two levels of Breakdown Cover from the RAC: ‘Rescue, Recovery and at Home’, or ‘Rescue, Recovery, at Home and Onward Travel’. Whichever you pick, your car will be fixed on the roadside or towed for up to 10 miles to the nearest garage – how’s that for peace of mind?!

So, is breakdown cover worth having?

With levels of cover to suit your needs and budget, we think that knowing you have someone to call if you need them will make life on the road far less stressful; Pick the level of cover that you can afford, and talk things over with your parents if you’re unsure. Buying your breakdown cover in with your insurance policy makes things really simple, and can save you a decent amount of money compared to buying directly from a breakdown provider.

Hopefully – a bit like your insurance – you’ll never actually need to make use of it, but if you do break down then there really isn’t a better way to ensure that you and your car will be looked after.

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