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December 29, 2017

Owning a car Young driver stories 7 min read

Buying your first car is an exciting time, there are no two ways about it! Whether it’s second hand or brand new, having your own set of wheels is an amazing experience. We’ve pulled together some stories from people who bought brand new cars, and others who opted for second-hand cars – were they everything they expected?

Chloe – I bought a banger!

I decided to buy my first car a few months ago – I’m still learning to drive and wanted a little run around to get as much extra practice as I could. £400 for a 2005 Ford KA? I’m sold! I knew there were a few problems with it before I bought it (nothing that wasn’t a quick fix) so decided to hand over the cash and take this little blue KA home. I called her Betty 😉

The problems, however, started pretty much straight away. It has been one thing after another, and the excitement of having my own car faded fast. My Dad has been working on Betty for a good few months now, and we can’t quite seem to get to the bottom of the problem. Needless to say, Betty is sitting in my garage and costing me more money than she’s worth! #FirstCarFail!


Gynevra – Metallic Gold? I’m sold!

My first car was a family hand me down!  My middle sister had it purchased for her by her hubby.  A C reg, metallic gold VW Polo with fluffy cushions on the parcel shelf – very retro. This was sold to my eldest sister for £100 who then sold it to me for £100. It was very boxy and basic but a brilliant first car and I thought I looked quite marvellous in it!

Russell – That’ll do!

I started out with motorbikes, but my first car was a second-hand 1982 Ford Fiesta, which I bought in 1992. The brakes were a bit dodgy, and the number plate was held on with a bit of string, but it definitely had character 🙂

Katie – Not quite what was planned

Mine was a 2005 Vauxhall Corsa 1.4, however, I was learning to drive when I took the car out properly for the first time and I got 18.5 miles down the road before the power steering went. I then got out the car to realise the engine was smoking. My head gasket had blown! I was not happy – I’d had the car less than a month!


Andrew – Orange is the new black?

My first car was a Fiat Panda which I shared with my brother, in sunburnt orange! Whilst it did exactly what it needed to, unfortunately, it came with 0 street cred!

Alex – Retro Metro!

My first car was a gold MG Metro and I had started saving for it at 16. It cost me £500 23 years ago and was a bit of a banger! On cold winter mornings, it was a case of keeping my fingers crossed, pulling the choke out and praying that the car would start! If parents are reading this, they’ll know exactly what I’m talking about – but I suspect young drivers will be scratching their heads wondering what on earth a choke is (don’t worry, it’s all automated in modern cars 😉

I remember that my insurance cost me the same amount as the car – which I guess is a similar story for young drivers today! My children will soon be learning to drive and I will definitely encourage them to buy as new a one as they can afford, so I know they are safe and less likely to break down!


Scott – The Jolly Rodger!

My first car was a brand new 1.2 Renault Clio Extreme! Ooohh. I bought this brand new when I was 25 for my first real job after university. It was Pearl Black in colour, similar to the ship in the movie of that year (now giving away my age) Pirates of the Caribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl. Subsequently, I bought a small Jolly Roger flag and fitted it to the aerial… AAARRGH!

It served me well but didn’t do too much for my street cred so I also bought a 1979 Pontiac Firebird to help that along. I sold both of these cars when my first child was born.

Emily – It’s awful…

My Mum and Dad bought me a 4-year-old 1.6 Citroen Saxo VTR! The comfort of the ride was awful, you could literally feel every bump in the road! To make it worse the electric windows were back to front, so the left button wound down the right-hand side window – but I still loved it!

Chelsea – My shiny new car!

It took me three years between passing my test and getting a car. This summer, I got my first full-time job after university, finally in my pursuit of adulthood. I took the plunge and got a brand new car on finance, a VW Polo! The next thing I knew, I was unwrapping it at the dealership and driving away in my shiny new car!

It’s my biggest expense and the most daunting thing I’ve done, but I definitely don’t regret it. After all, I was 21 with a brand new car! Five months on, the novelty still hasn’t worn off, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.


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