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SEAT Ibiza in Orange
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April 30, 2019

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If you’re an avid reader of our blog, you’ll know we like to provide honest reviews of the amazing cars you guys can get from us – talking about more than the standard spec, but what it’s actually like to drive the cars as a young driver! We’ve recently got our hands on a Seat Ibiza FR here at Marmalade HQ, and the lovely Komail took it for a spin, to let you all know what he really thinks!

Disclaimer: All thoughts are entirely my own and do not reflect the opinion of Marmalade as a company.

Seat Ibiza Fr (90)

As a young driver and a bit of a petrol head, I jumped at the opportunity to drive the new Seat Ibiza FR when given the chance. This was a car that was just so popular with young drivers, I had to see why!

I’m not going to lie, I was amazed at its brilliance, and I was shocked at how much it had going for it, for such a small car. Here’s just a few reasons why I would absolutely recommend the Seat Ibiza FR to other young drivers.

It’s a stylish option

Let’s start with the appearance, this car is by far one of the most beautiful little hatchbacks I have ever seen! We had a Seat Ibiza in Eclipse Orange and it is such a nice colour that really stands out from the crowd, without looking silly. The 17” Alloy Wheels and a twin exhaust makes the car look like an absolute beast – and looking at it, you wouldn’t believe that it has just a 1.0 liter engine! Before even hopping in, you just know that it’s going to be an absolute monster on the road, pairing this with the five star Euro NCAP rating and I knew before even turning on the engine that I would feel secure in this car.

It’s not just beautiful on the outside, once you’re in the car, the specifications and the tech are amazing! The first thing I really noticed was an infotainment screen so you can actually see what you are listening to! This compared to my old Toyota where you don’t know what’s coming on next, is a pretty handy feature. In addition to this, you have the option to use an aux cable, Bluetooth or apple car play to connect your phone to, and play your tunes from. I’ve no idea why I’d really need 3 different playing options, but it’s good to know I’ll be able to play my music no matter what.

The driving style

In comparison to the Audi A1 and VW Polo that I’ve also driven, this little thing is still brilliant. Being smaller and lighter just makes it so much more fun to drive! I’m talking from experience, after having driven all three I must say taking the Ibiza out onto the dual carriageway was exhilarating, you can feel the 90 brake horsepower as the car speeds up, it can do 0-60 in just over 10 seconds, for a 1.0 hatchback that is unbelievable! Changing the gears is nice and smooth and the power steering makes it so easy to manoeuvre.

I was driving the car for over two hours straight and barely saw the fuel gauge move, I was getting 60 Miles per Gallon, which compared to my own car that does 30 MPG, is so impressive! That’s probably one of my favourite things about the car, it means I would barely have to spend money on fuel and I know when I do fill it up, the fuel will actually last!

It’s in it for the long run

The Seat Ibiza uses a German made engine also used in the Volkswagens – anyone that knows about engines and manufacturers knows that this car will have a long life, which for us young drivers not be more important! I don’t know about you, but having the reassurance that my car will last me a long time is a game changer!

I loved taking the Seat Ibiza for a drive and I would seriously consider getting on as my next car, for sure! With this experience, I can finally see why the car is so popular, it looks beautiful, feels beautiful, sounds amazing and has all the tech I could really ask for – what more could I want?

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