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Chanell Saunders Forde

February 12, 2018

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Honestly, I don’t know what it was that made me fall in love with my Fiat 500 – but I was obsessed with the idea of getting one from the moment I first saw one! I would search online and save pictures of them, whilst figuring out how much it would cost monthly on finance to bag myself one. I did plenty of research on different car supermarkets almost daily, to see what was available and how quickly they were going.

The search began

I started looking for a car around mid-January 2017, and as soon as I saw the 500, I knew it was what I wanted. I was still at university at this point, and started figuring out how much of my student finance I could use towards getting my own! When I started my car search I knew exactly what Fiat 500 I wanted – mint green with a white steering wheel! I told my parents and whilst they thought it would look nice, they reminded me that maybe I was being a tad too fussy! The Fiat comes in so many different colours and designs that I really wanted to make the most of it. Unfortunately, with the budget I had set, my mint car dream quickly faded – maybe I was being too fussy!

Know what you’re buying

Every day I would find myself watching videos online about the 500 to check the specifications of the car – like I didn’t already know! I decided to go and look at the Fiats myself, so went down to my local car supermarket and grilled the saleswoman as much as I could. Whilst it was second-hand, they had a Fiat 500 in stock so I asked as much as I could about it. What is the drive like? Any MOT issues? How economic is it? I was probably a bit full on, but I needed to know exactly what I would be buying.


I fell in love!

After doing as many checks as I could, everything came back clear so I took the plunge. I knew it was the one for me! I put a deposit down of £1000, and the dealership agreed I could pay off the rest in chunks – which saved me from a finance option as I really wanted to own my car straight away. In total, I felt my car was a good deal – they even agreed to drop it off at my house!

I decided not to tell anyone that I’d bought my first car. I wanted it to be a surprise so everyone could see my car when it has actually arrived. I knew I had checked everything that I needed to, so I was happy with my purchase. However, I soon caved and told my close friends – I couldn’t keep it in any longer! But I kept the surprise from my parents. They had gone away for a few days, so I arranged for the car to be delivered within that time, so when they got back they would see my Fiat in all its glory. Everyone I know loves the Fiat 500! Their unique shape and colour options seem to almost make every single one different, and I was so excited to see what everyone thought because I finally had one of my own.

The secret’s out

When my parents arrived home from their trip, they could see my little Fiat 500 on the driveway! I went in for the shock factor and definitely got it. They did ask me lots of questions because they were concerned I’d made a bad decision but once I explained I had done all of the research, they got on board. Honestly, I was more worried that they would be mad at me, but after they had checked the car out – they could see I’d made a great decision! Now, I have to hide my car keys because my Mum is desperate to drive it!


Since recently passing my test, the realisation that I can now drive on my own has finally hit me. Whilst it’s nervewracking, I’m still excited every time I get behind the wheel. There’s so much I love about my car and how it drives – I can’t wait to drive with my roof down in summer!

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Chanell Saunders Forde profile

By Chanell Saunders Forde

'I love driving because it’s given me so much freedom to visit new places and of course, because I love my car. I’m so excited to have a new career working within the car industry.'  See more posts by Chanell

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