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Holly West-Robinson

January 21, 2016

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It’s a brand new year and we thought we’d hand pick a few of the hottest and sexiest motors due out on the market for 2016. Not all are suitable cars for young drivers, however some are just upgrades of previous models with a facelift, others have a few extra attractive features added, and some are just plain badass!

The New Fiat 500

2016 Red and Red Fiat 500 on black asphalt

Photo Credit – Der Autotester:

It’s all about the brand new wardrobe for the new Fiat 500! Known as the ‘Second Skin’, you can now choose between 6 different slick & stylish body covers! Big or small and made to measure, pick from – SCOTTIE (brightly coloured diamonds), ETHNIC (trendy geometric patterns), COMICS (2 unique designs that makes your car look like it’s been sewn – available in yellow or red), SHADES (chunky lines that really bring out any colour) and our favourite – CAMOFLAUGE for that fashionable army chic style!

The Volkswagen Dune Beetle

2016 Volkswagen Dune Beetle on the road with sand dunes in background

Photo Credit – CarandDriver:

Deriving from, and inspired by, the iconic Baja Bug back in the 60s and 70’s, the all new ‘Dune’ concept brings an alternative look from its older sibling ‘the beetle’. Boasting a 1.8 TSI engine, it now comes with big fat tyres and comes in a burnt orange/gold colour that puts even the Sahara desert to shame! Is it particularly attractive though? That’s down to individual opinion I guess!

Ford Focus RS

2016 blue Ford Focus RS on the road going round a mountain bend

Photo Credit – Ford:

This monster of a hatchback comes with 3 different drive settings for Normal, Sport or Track, but more importantly it comes with the all new DRIFT MODE! A setting that enables torque vectoring which makes it easier for the car to go into ‘over steer’ and let you rotate without losing much stability. Ideal if you can get onto a circuit to test its abilities but also something that should be used in sensible manner! We don’t want to hear about any of our young drivers wrapping themselves round a tree in this thing because they got a little over confident!

Ferrari 488 Spider

2016 blue Ferrari 488 Spider on black asphalt with white skies

Photo Credit – CNBC:

This is where things start to get a little more expensive! Aside from its lavish look, (as is the case with every Ferrari!) It’s been confirmed that the 488 Spider is the most aerodynamic model to date, with 23% improvement in chassis rigidity, an adjustable wind stopper for rocking out with the sun out or sheltering yourself from the rain and drizzle, and a price tag you could probably buy a house outright for! She’s also twin-turbo charged and reaches a top speed of 203mph!

Bugatti Chiron

Blue Bugatti Chiron on race track with barriers in background

Photo Credit – The Sun:

Finally the crème da la crème! The Hennessey Venom GT was up to this point considered the fastest road car on the planet despite the fact it never made it into official records. Reaching speeds of 270.49mph and beating the Veyron by just 0.63mph – it’s safe to say Bugatti have out done themselves with their latest creation. The mighty ‘Chiron’ is more powerful, agile and sexy than its previous derivative. Quad turbo chargers that add an extra 300bhp with the torque increased to 1,100 pound-feet and a top speed of 288mph. There really is no comparison to other hyper cars!

We can keep dreaming:

That’s our list of what we consider ‘hot wheels’ and the first 2 are definitely ones to watch out for this year! But everyone knows the last 3 are pretty unrealistic in terms of ever being able to own one: Depressing eh!? So we thought we’d throw in this rather amusing video of a genuine real life Hot Wheels stunt to make you feel a bit better about it! – Hold onto your seats!

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