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The first road trip out of lockdown

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Chloe Martell

July 10, 2020

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As we finally start to see the light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, many of us have started thinking about what we’ll do and where we’ll go when things start to get back to normal. Even with social distancing in place, you can still start to think about getting back on the road and doing some of your favourite things! We asked you, where you’re planning on taking a road trip and we’re here sharing some of the top answers, as well as giving you a few tips on what it may be like getting back behind the wheel for a long journey (not just those short trips to the shops you’ve probably been doing!)

Seeing family and friends

The front runner in our poll with 60% of the votes is young drivers saying their first trip out of lockdown will be to see distant friends and family and honestly, who can blame them! After so many weeks of social distancing, we’re all missing our loved ones.

If you decide to head to see distant friends and relatives, make sure you’ve got enough fuel to get you to and from where you’re going – plus a little more. Roads will likely be busier than they have been with many people doing the same thing. Consider leaving earlier than usual too – you may miss out on some sleep but you’re less likely to hit less traffic and have more time with your loved ones.



Aside from missing friends and family, one of the biggest things we’re all missing is fast food – right? Now it may not be a long road trip, but 20% of you said you hit the drive-thru before anything else. We know you all desperately need to fill the chicken nugget shaped void in your life, but something to remember is, drive thru’s of your favourite fast food places are likely to be very busy when they reopen so be cautious. There often isn’t the room for that many cars in line so if it’s too long – don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation just to join the queue. Also, make sure you’ve got enough fuel in your car. We’re not saying you’re going to be waiting for hours on end but breaking down whilst at a drive-thru has to be one of the most inconvenient places to do so!


Shopping spree

It’s fair to say we’re all missing going to the shops for something other than your weekly shop. Whether it’s fashion, homeware, gaming or something else – being able to get back in the shops for those fun trips are a welcome change – which is why 10% of drivers made a trip to the shops for something more than milk and bread their first drive out of lockdown. Remember, if you’re heading to the shops, you’ll likely run into a lot of traffic because many other people will be doing the same (and don’t forget there’ll likely be queues to get in when you arrive). If you’re not a fan of being in stop/start traffic, choose to go to the shops at unusual times (early in the day or late at night). Another thing to remember is that if you’re heading into a city centre, you may face a multi-storey car park – something you’ve probably been glad you’ve not had to face recently. Keep it slow and steady and make sure there’s enough room in the spot you pick – the last thing you want is a bump before you’ve even made it into the shops.


To the seaside

This lovely (and uncommon) weather we’ve been seeing over the last few weeks has meant we’ve been longing for the beach more than ever. 10% of you said that you’ll be off to the seaside as soon as you can. Most seaside resorts are open now, and you can pick up the fish and chips you’ve been craving, but it may be a while before arcades and other seaside amenities are open! Something to keep in mind before you set off are, check the weather before you go and prepare for it. If it’s hot, take the sun cream with you, if it’s going to rain, pack your raincoat if you still want to go. Being prepared means you’ll be comfortable and calm when driving home after a long day – not with serious sunburn or soaking wet.


Whatever you all decide to do when the lockdown is lifted, remember to stay safe and to take your time getting used to being behind the wheel again. It’s likely been a long time since you’ve gone for a long road trip so take a few minutes getting used to driving again.

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