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Chloe Martell

December 17, 2018

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We’re taking a look back at 2018, and all the weird and wonderful things this year has seen! With new cars coming out all the time – we’re taking a peek at the best selling cars Marmalade has seen since the beginning of the year! Place your bets – what do you think they’ll be?


Peugeot 108

The newest supermini from Peugeot is packed full of tech, whilst being safe on the roads and pretty cheap to run! There’s plenty of different styles and colours to choose from, which is why this fab city car has been a top pick for our young drivers!



Hyundai i10

The i10 is small and light but handles itself like a boss. It’s the perfect car for city driving and our young drivers seem to agree! From low running costs too great fuel economy, you can see why our customers snapped up this little beauty!



Skoda Fabia

The new Skoda Fabia offers design, technology and a pretty impressive facelift. It’s also one of the most spacious superminis on the market – perfect for when you and your friends are planning a road trip. It’s distinctive, reliable and has scored an incredible five-star Euro NCAP safety rating. There’s no wonder why it’s one of our best selling cars!



Vauxhall Adam

This is the Corsa’s cooler, younger brother. The Vauxhall Adam is exciting, quirky and one of a kind – all whilst being safe and reliable. If you choose to buy an Adam, make it your own with its different colour body and roof colour options. There’s no wonder it’s one of our best sellers, is it?




There are so many reasons to love the Volkswagen UP, which is probably why it’s one of our best sellers. Don’t let the small car fool you either, there’s more space than meets the eye. What’s more, not only does the small size mean small costs, it scored a maximum 5 stars on the Euro NCAP rating, meaning it’s one of the safest cars to drive.



Seat Ibiza

Ah – the Seat Ibiza, don’t you just love it! Well, yes, many of our young drivers do as it’s made it to number 5 on our list. The stylish city car is on point, from style, safety and tech – as well as being pretty exciting to drive. Want to own a Seat Ibiza of your own? Why not put in an order, or sign up to our newsletter and be in with a chance of winning one!



VW Polo

This quality motor has been given a fresh look for 2018, and our young drivers clearly love it! The new vibrant interior, plenty of space and new level tech is likely the reason this car has landed the number 4 stop on our list. And let’s face it, with over 40 years of Volkswagen making the Polo, we’re sure they’ve got it spot on!



Ford Fiesta

Celebrated as being Britain’s best top-selling car of all time, there is no wonder why this good-looking supermini has made it to number 3 in our top 10. The Ford Fiesta is safe, compact and stylish. You can even choose from Powershift to Ecoboost engines – meaning there is a Fiesta to suit everyone’s style and budget.



Vauxhall Corsa

Just missing out on the top spot is a firm favourite amongst young drivers – the Vauxhall Corsa! This great little car is smart looking, safe, reliable and cheap to run – a classic, some would say. What more could you want from your first car?!



Fiat 500

The vintage look, cool retro interior, and sense of fun have made the Fiat 500 our bestselling car of 2018 and we can sure see why! Our young drivers have taken the Fiat 500 to their hearts and chosen it again and again – making it their own plenty of different colour and tech options. It’s fair to say the Fiat 500 is undeniably cool and stylish – but it’s so much more, winning over 40 major awards since it’s re-introduction in 2007, including CAR magazines Car of the Year award!


And there we have it – our top 10 best sellers. Let us know if you have any of these rides, and what you love about them! And if you don’t… what are you waiting for?

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