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Holly West-Robinson

September 30, 2016

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In a world where motoring technology appears to be evolving constantly. Electric cars are a big topic of conversation right now. Some motorists think electric cars are the way forward and the environmental benefits alone are worth switching over to from a combustible engine. Others are still quite sceptical about their performance and ability to handle long distance journeys. After all, the idea of having to wait a good hour to charge up the battery mid road trip, together with the thought of being stranded on the motorway because its ran out of juice, is pretty terrifying to say the least! So we asked ourselves some question…

What do young drivers think of electric cars?

We carried out a survey which questioned young drivers, aged 17-24 years old, about their thoughts on purchasing one of these electric run arounds! As well as finding that four out of five young people (80%) would consider buying an electric car, almost 85% said they would do so in a bid to being more environmentally friendly.

Are there any doubts they have over buying an electric car?

There were, however, concerns from young drivers regarding current specifications of electric cars including 82% of respondents stating that the limited miles from a battery is a big turn off. 80% of those who completed the survey said that the lack of public charging points could also be a problem.

What would drive them to choose electric car over petrol?

Almost 75% of respondents said that they would consider buying an electric car to keep running costs of the vehicle low. Four out of five millennials stated that the zero road tax on them played an attractive key factor when buying an electric car.

Fuel efficent

What do our young drivers say?

David Aniculaesei, an 18-year-old Marmalade customer, says: “I would happily own an electric car instead of my petrol one because it would mean lower costs, it would be environmentally friendly and overall a better solution for commuting. I suppose as I am a car enthusiast, standard petrol-engine cars will always be welcomed for a drive once in a while.”

But Amy Thomas, also a customer of Marmalade has a slightly different perception of electric cars. She says: “For me as a young driver I like the concept of owning an electric car based on what they represent and the positive effects they can have on the environment. I still do not think the world really knows enough about them yet though! The cost of repairs is something that concerns me as I heard the batteries are very expensive to replace. I also don’t like the idea of not being able to get to a power point to charge up if it runs out. That is a risk I would prefer not to take!”

It seems as though there are some very mixed views on the subject. Unfortunately we haven’t come across a young driver who actually owns an electric car yet and can shed some light on what it’s like to run and maintain one… So for now we can only make assumptions!

If you or you know anyone aged 17-24 who owns an electric car and is willing to provide a comment – please email [email protected]

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By Holly West-Robinson

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