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The superheroes with the awesomest cars

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Amy Thomas

July 31, 2017

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If I asked you, “what are your favourite superhero cars?” what would think of first? The Batmobile? The Punisher’s car? Or Black Beauty? Here’s my rundown of my favourite superhero cars and I’ll even throw a villain in too!

The Tumbler

batmobile tumbler from the movie the dark knight

My all-time favourite has to be the Batmobile from The Dark Knight Trilogy, the Tumbler; it just has immense road presence and screams “I WILL FIGHT EVIL!”. It is fully equipped with machine guns, a rocket launcher, explosive mines and ridiculously heavily-armoured front so it can be used as a battering ram if anything is left standing. My favourite feature of this car is the ‘Attack’ mode, the driver’s seat moves to the centre of the car and holds the driver in more of a biker stance, providing protection and manoeuvrability.

The Nautilus Car

captain nemo's car from the league of extraordinary gentleman

Another favourite is actually Captain Nemo’s car from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Being a part of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, it technically makes him a superhero! The car is certainly the most glamourous and lavish superhero car ever. It was kept aboard his submarine and used for when he was ashore. It doesn’t have any guns or rocket launchers but is just a beautiful car, although some do disagree that it shouldn’t be seen as a superhero car because of this. I personally think it’s awesome and would love to rock up to work in it!

The Fantasticar

flying vehicle from fantastic 4 comic books

What a dream right? A flying car that comfortably seats 4 superheroes? Pretty cool huh? After all that crime fighting, the easiest way to get back home is by flying car of course! With its sleek, silver body and flashy lights, it’s a real head-turner, although it is rather futuristic and we’re not quite at the ‘flying car stage’ just yet!

Black Beauty

vehicle from comic book film the green hornet

Not only by name but by nature too! Who drove this car? It was driven by the Green Hornet’s chauffeur, Kato. It features missile launchers, a grill-mounted flamethrower, machine guns  and even anti-riot spikes. The car is just a complete machine and will not let anyone get in its way, making it a very close contender to Batman’s Tumbler. It has a mean road presence, making anyone in front move out the way in fear. The two machine guns installed on the bonnet really give it that mean and menacing look – I would definitely run in the opposite direction if I saw that coming towards me!

The Vaydor

jokers car the vaydor from DC comics

I said I would throw in some villainy so here’s my favourite villain vehicle, the Joker’s Vaydor, featured in the Suicide Squad film. It’s not a purple Lamborghini, it’s actually a kit car that is built onto an Infiniti G35 chassis. Complete with purple paint and blue neon lights, it’s a completely stunning car, perfect for date nights with Harley Quinn, although Batman likes to ruin those! The chromed out car is nimble and speeds through the traffic to try and escape the good guys (please don’t drive like that, it’s just for the movies). Even though it does end up in a river, it’s still a stunning car and I would love to have one!

I hope you enjoyed my line up of my favourite superhero cars, leave a comment telling me what yours are!


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By Amy Thomas

'I'm currently studying Motorsport Technology at university! My dream is to become an F1 race engineer and as you've probably guessed, I love cars! Motorsport and cars are my passion, not forgetting motorbikes also!'  See more posts by Amy

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