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Holly West-Robinson

September 8, 2016

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This year we took 5 young drivers and their parents to the infamous Rockingham Motor Speedway. The purpose of the day was to test our driver’s abilities and skills with a series of challenges, and see how the kids matched up against their parents in terms of driving safely.

Even though our young drivers conquered on the day and came out on top, it goes without saying all of our guests thoroughly enjoyed their time at Rockingham Motor Speedway! Here’s a little insight into the things they got up to!

GBS Auto Test

Young drivers preparing for the GBS Auto test at Rockingham Motor Speedway

If you’re a competitive person and someone who isn’t afraid to go for a bit of a rough and tumble, then this is the challenge for you. Drivers are expected to weave in and out a series of cones involving 360’s spins and performing emergency stops. All of this in an attempt to make the best time on the scoreboard. Trust us when we say these things have got some power, and it’s certainly not as easy to control as it looks!

Single Seat Race Car


I think most of our guests agree that this had to be by far one of the most exciting and adrenaline pumping activities of the day! Not only did we all have the privilege of being able to drive our very own official F4 single seater race car, we also got to whizz around the famous Rockingham Motor Speedway oval track for what felt like hundreds of laps! Considering all these racing cars are only 1600cc, they sure do put the pedal to the metal!

Ariel Atom

Young driver and instructor walk through of Ariel Atom

We felt extremely lucky when we came face to face with the awesome Ariel Atom. One of the fastest high performance and road legal sports cars in the world with a record speed of 0-60mph in just 2.7 seconds. Not only was the prospect of being allowed to handle such a speed machine incredibly exciting, it was also quite nerve wracking! Fears were quickly overcome when our young drivers took to the track and showed everyone how it was done!

Supercar Head to Head

Lamborghini and Ferrari ready to race on the track

Some people aren’t lucky enough to even feast their eyes on a Lamborghini let alone drive one! So when our young drivers and their parents had the opportunity to do just that, there was certainly a lot of anticipation in the air! Everyone was given a designated instructor who managed to guide our drivers around the track with smooth cornering and controlled acceleration.

4×4 Challenge

Considering the Land Rover Defender series was discontinued at the start of the year, it was quite thrilling when Rockingham Motor Speedway wheeled out 2 of these iconic machines! As you can probably guess – we were allowed to go off-roading in them! From uphill engine starts to suicide drops, to basically hanging off the edge of a hill, these beasts practically defy the laws of gravity when it comes to performance!

Skid Pan (R3 Road Safety)

Marmalade car on the skid pan challenge

The R3 Road Safety challenge was introduced to Rockingham Motor Speedway in 2014 and is pretty much the first of its kind! Drivers not only get to experience what it’s like to drift off course in wet conditions, they also have a kick plate system which gives a perfect simulation of what it would be like if your car span out of control. Most importantly, drivers are taught the techniques you can use to prevent it happening and what to do if it does happen. An incredibly valuable experience that most wouldn’t be fortunate to have unless they came in to contact with the real thing. The R3 course is something we would recommend to ALL drivers, whether they’re seasoned motorists OR new to the road.

It’s not all about the driving

Young drivers and parents celebrating a great day at Rockingham Motor Speedway

As if these challenges weren’t enough, Rockingham Motor Speedway were exceptionally good hosts when it came down to making sure you are well looked after! They provided a hearty breakfast when we arrived and a delicious spread for lunch. All the staff and instructors were ever so friendly and helpful and went out of their way to make sure you were comfortable, smiling and having the greatest time.

We can’t thank Rockingham Motor Speedway enough for making time there so fun filled and special! Hopefully see you next year 🙂

Holly West-Robinson profile

By Holly West-Robinson

'Hi I'm Holly and I'm a young driver based in Peterborough! I love tattoos, food, drawing and anything art related, enjoy hanging out with friends and family and making a fool of myself. I'm definitely one of the adventurous types who's always up for a good old road trip!'  See more posts by Holly

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