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Planning the road trip to this summer’s bestival!

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Will Tyson

May 19, 2016

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Summer is just around the corner for us university students and with that comes the festival season to. I haven’t been to a lot of festivals but those that I have gone to have been well worth it. In the UK, Lovebox in Victoria Park is well worth the extra cost of travelling/partying in London, whilst going to Tomorrowland in Belgium will always remain a lifetime highlight.

So far I haven’t got myself very organised for this summer – I’m yet to land a job which means that I don’t have the money to buy any festival tickets or travel anywhere! With exam revision in full swing it’s difficult to find a time slot to just call every coffee shop in my local town and guarantee myself some income. With the likes of Reading Festival and Truck being held so close to home, I need to start saving quick!

Packing the convoy for the road trip ahead

Silver car boot packed with luggage and bags


However, I did manage to purchase a Bestival ticket, which takes place on the Isle of Wight early September. A lot of my friends are going, so the plan is to drive as a big convoy down from Newbury to Portsmouth. Our little hatchbacks will be packed full of camping gear and (most likely) lots of booze. Making sure everyone has a ride down after everything is put on board will be of top priority. If there’s a big six -man tent sat across one of the back seats then find yourself another car – you’re not sitting in there with it!

Whilst I feel obliged to encourage safe driving, I won’t try to push ‘safety this, safety that’ onto you. For me, and everyone else I know, it’s just common sense. Things like checking you’ve got a clear view through your rear view mirror (despite piling luggage up to the ceiling) are things that are just normal to me, in that I don’t make any extra effort than I normally do to drive anywhere safely. Having said that I think that our generation of drivers are (generally) very good at not putting ourselves and others at risk when driving, certainly from personal experience anyway.


A monotonous drive to see an awesome line up

Large crowd inside a marquee at a festival


The trip down to Portsmouth isn’t the most exciting from where I live. It’s just over an hour journey along the A34, M3 and M27 with not much to take in on either side of those roads, however once by the coast there are lots of things to see and do. It will be nice to have a chilled ride on the ferry to split up driving stints too – I imagine this will be more of a nicety on the return leg when we’re all tired and hungover!

I already can’t wait to be there: The line -up looks incredible, with the likes of Major Lazer, Skepta and Craig David’s TS5 to name just a few incredible artists all headlining, plus a host of other talented acts across a plethora of stages. I couldn’t think of a better end to the summer than road -tripping down to one of the biggest UK festivals with the group of friends I have, so here’s hoping I’ve got the money to pay for petrol by then!

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