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Chloe Martell

January 1, 2018

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Ok, how many years will we actually say ‘new year, new me’ before we decide to make any changes that we stick to? I for one have been saying it every year, since around 2007! So, I’ve decided to list some things that may come in handy, when you’re making your new year’s resolutions!


I will learn to drive!

Have you found that you’ve been putting off driving lessons since before you can remember? Maybe it was the one bad experience on the road, or not finding the perfect instructor yet. Whatever it is that’s stopping you, now is the time to not let it stand in your way a second longer.

Being able to drive gives you the freedom that everyone so desperately craves, so it’s time to get to it! Ask friends and family who they had their lessons with, and don’t be put off if your first instructor isn’t right for you – it can happen! We all know driving lessons can cost a fair bit of money, so try and prioritise these lessons this year, and even think about getting Learner Driver insurance because after all, practice makes perfect! Trust me, cramming in as much practice as you can, means you’ll be out on the open road before you know it.


Buy your first car

There is nothing more exciting for new drivers than finally getting your hands on your own wheels! Whether you’re getting a second-hand car as the first one or looking to splash out for the latest make and model – it might be time to stop wondering what if, and do it! Buying a car can be expensive, especially if it’s straight off the shelf. Marmalades lovely ambassador Eleanor recently looked into buying her first car and wondered which the best to go for was. New or second hand?

If you do decide you want to treat yourself to something extra special, and want a brand new car but don’t know how you will afford it, then fear not – Marmalade offer brand new cars for new drivers like yourself, and with our finance option and low deposit payment, it may not be as expensive as you think. They even come with free insurance for the first year!

Pay mum and dad back

How many lifts were you given last year? Let’s count… You needed taking to your friend’s house that one time (more like 10 times) and then there was the time you wanted to go shopping further afield… oh, and let’s not forget football practice every week! So that’s 1,2,3… lost count yet? I know I have! Maybe it’s time to realise that without mum and dad, this year would have been spent not going very far at all.

Time to pay them back? It doesn’t have to be giving them money! Maybe a small thank you gift, to let them know you’re grateful for the countless pick-ups and drop-offs they’ve provided you with!


Stay fit and healthy

This is the most common new year’s resolution, with a massive 38% of us pledging to do this every year! Did you make this your new year’s resolution last year, but forgot to stick to it sometime around mid-January? (Me too!) Set yourself small goals, and work on them throughout 2018; if you know that making a pact with yourself to go to the gym 6 times a week is a bit of a stretch, then start off with once or twice. Before you know it, you’ll be there more often than you thought you’d be. Setting unrealistic goals is going to put you off doing them at all, so know what you’re capable of, start small, and build on it!

Spend more time with family and friends

Whilst spending time with family and friends is something we all want to do, and know we should probably do more of, it’s easy to forget. You’re drowning in work (or the latest Netflix series) and the next thing you know – it’s 2019!! Ok, that’s a tad dramatic, but try and arrange times when everyone is free and plan something. Whether it’s once a week or once a month, try your best to balance your work life and your personal life. Trust me, that Netflix series can wait…

Are there any New Year’s resolutions you’re thinking of doing this year? Go and say hi on Marmalades Facebook, and let them know what they are, and how you plan to stick to them!

Remember – we’ve got this! Happy New Year!

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By Chloe Martell

'As a new driver, I'm so eager to share my driving journey with you all - from when I was a learner, going through my test and all the aspects of my driving life now, including my love of cars!'  See more posts by Chloe

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