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Anna Johnson

August 24, 2018

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As I’m sure most people are well aware, I’m the girl who was fortunate and lucky enough to win the Marmalade ‘Win a Car’ competition, getting my hands on a brand new Vauxhall Adam! I recently went over to Marmalade HQ to pick up my little beauty!

Collecting my car

When I arrived at the Marmalade building, I automatically recognised the car that was about to become mine. It was sat there waiting for me in the car park, whilst its fresh white colour gleamed from a mile away! I couldn’t help but take a few minutes to gaze in awe at it. My Mum was gazing too, but I think that was mainly because she realised she would soon be accompanying me in some private driving practice – thanks, Mum!


After getting the keys of my brand new car handed over, my Mum had to drive it home as I’m not yet qualified, so even though I’m insured for private practice, I definitely wasn’t ready for that trip home! She was relatively apprehensive about driving it home, however seeing her face and the fact that she said it was a pleasure to drive filled me with confidence, and I couldn’t wait for mine turn!

Learning all about the Adam

The first thing I did when I got the car home was playing with the entertainment system – who wouldn’t? I was amazed that I could connect my phone and use the system in the car as a sat nav through it. My car is so modern and has all the latest tech that I could dream of! Continuing to explore my car, I discovered it’s got 5 cup holders… 5! Not sure they’re all much use for me, but my passengers will no doubt be grateful when they fancy a takeaway! My new car honestly meets all of my needs and then some – it’s more than perfect – if that’s possible!


My first private practice session

It didn’t take me long to get out on the roads for my first private practice session. I collected my car on the 21st of August, and I was out on the 22nd taking my new car (who I named Viki) out for a spin! My Mum accompanied me on this venture out onto the road and I’m proud to say that my first time out in my new car was a success. I know this because:

  1. My Mum wasn’t pressing the imaginary break or grabbing the steering wheel from me.
  2. We both made it home alive.

I’d say that was a success – right?

It’s such a lovely car to drive and I’m so lucky that I’ve now had driving experience in a Vauxhall Corsa, a Hyundai i20 and my very own Vauxhall Adam! I’ve already warned my Mum, who is a named driver on my insurance that we will be going out in it every day – I hope she’s prepared!

I’m in love!

I honestly can’t stop looking at my car! Almost my whole family have sat inside and looked at all the features it has, and they love it as well! I’ve already fitted blind spot mirrors on to the wing mirrors to help me as I’m learning, those gorgeous L plates on the front and back and most importantly, a Yankee Candle air freshener – thanks, Mum!

Look who won a brand new Vauxhall Adam!

If I had to choose a favourite thing about my car it would definitely be the entertainment system, followed closely by the rest of its interior – it’s beautiful! The fact that the car tells me my exact speed as a number as well as having a speedometer is particularly useful seeing as there is so much multi-tasking when it comes to driving. The colour white with the black roof is a lovely combo, it looks so classy!

I’m so so so thankful to Marmalade for running this competition and for the staff being so kind and helpful throughout the collection process.

Competition time!

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Anna Johnson profile

By Anna Johnson

'I'm the lucky winner of the competition to win a Vauxhall Adam! I'm currently doing my A-levels so having a car will give me a well-needed break from revision. I can't wait to practice driving in my new car!'  See more posts by Anna

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