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August 2, 2017

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Today the winner of our Win A car Competition (Jack Lambeth) has come down to the Marmalade offices to pick up his brand spanking new ride – A Volkswagen Polo Beats! We thought we couldn’t let him leave without asking a few questions after seeing how happy he was when we handed him over the keys!

So Jack! How long have you been driving and did you pass your test first time?

3 years, and no unfortunately not! It was the second time. The first time I was about 100 metres from the test centre and I got 2 dangerous faults that nearly killed me and the instructor! I was at a roundabout waiting for ages to pull out, to which I started to panic because I thought he might think I’m hesitating. So I set off and this car was coming the other way but luckily I managed to avoid it so that wasn’t TOO bad.

The second incident was about 10 metres down the road at another roundabout and I got onto it fine, but then as I was coming off I nearly went into the side of somebody and the instructor then had to take over…

Crikey thank god for dual controls eh!

Yeah tell me about it! But the luckily the second time took my test – I passed, but only just! 😉

Well, you passed and that’s the main thing! Obviously, you’re here with us today and you have won the Polo Beats car – what are you looking forward to the most once you’ve got it home? Other than probably admiring it for a few days!

Just having it really! Trying out the sound system and being able to watch everyone’s jealous faces!director and young driver posing in polo beats car

I’m sure there’ll be a few of those! What was your first reaction when you had discovered you had actually won the competition?

I honestly couldn’t believe it at all! We were on our way to the hospital for an appointment when I got the email, and I was with my friend Emily. I took a look at my emails and was like “Hey Em, look at this!” then I had to go into my appointment so I kind of forgot all about it. Then I showed her again as I was driving us home and she was like “Jack… I think this is real!” I thought “No, don’t be ridiculous!” she then said, “Nope I’ve checked all of this links and the competition page etc and this is 100% real! Do you remember entering it?” Which obviously I did because I had just got my other car at the time and was looking for insurance.

So Emily told me to then ring you guys up and check and once we spoke to you, I told my mum who told me to send my driver’s licence and then we would find out if it was a con or not – and obviously we then found out it was real because we heard you were going to announce the winner at Rockingham, and then when that video came up officially announcing my name I was like “oh my god!!!!” I still can’t believe it now, to be honest.

I think most people’s reactions would be similar at first! It’s not every day you get told you’ve won a brand new car!

I’ve still got some people doubting that I’ve won it now! They are thinking I’m going to come home today with a pair of beats headphones and a pack of polo mints!

That would have been a funny spin on things! 😉 So you say you’ve been passed a few years now – have you got any top tips for any young people new to the road?

My honest advice would be to drive on the motorway the first week if passing your test and get it out the way. I went on it not long after passing but I have loads of friends who took a long time to take that leap and still haven’t!

It’s funny you should say that as we have an ambassador who is in the same situation and we sent him on a motorway lesson a couple of weeks ago to get that extra experience and now he doesn’t know what he thought all the fuss was about before!

It’s nothing really is it? It’s essentially just a dual carriageway with an extra lane. Most places are near a motorway now and really it’s something that should be included when you’re taught how to drive rather than having to go on it the first time by yourself.

Well, they are thinking about including the motorway as part of lessons and the driving test now!

Yeah I think that would be a really good idea, it makes complete sense

We think so too! Finally Jack – what do you think of Marmalade as a brand? Would you recommend us to other young drivers?

I think it’s quite modern and definitely good for young people. I looked on your Facebook page and there’s always something funny or educational on there to look at and I’ve actually spoken to a few of my friends who have also looked at your insurance – I’m pretty certain one of them is already with you!

That’s great to know! Hopefully, we can get yourself on board with one of our policies as well now! But thanks very much for coming down and we really hope you enjoy your new wheels.

Thanks ever so much guys! I certainly will!

Don’t forget to enter our latest competition to win a brand new car like Jack! Like Jack has realised, you’ve got to be in it to win it, folks!

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