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Chloe Martell

June 14, 2018

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We’ve been waiting and it’s finally here – The World Cup is upon us, and for just over a month all of the differences in the world seem to be pushed to one side! But let’s face it, every World Cup is the same. We hang our countries flag wherever we can, discuss where we’re going to watch the next match and put bets on which round England will be knocked out. But is that all about to change? 2018 is bringing us the youngest England squad we’ve ever seen (like we needed any more proof that us young uns’ are the best) – could this new generation of players see us take the cup home?

Let’s face it. Generation Z as we’re referred to, gets a lot of bad press from the older generation – and if one more person makes a comment on my ripped jeans, I’ll finally lose it. But other than having a fashion sense that is bound to be the topic of conversation at your family parties, we’ve also produced some of the best footballers we’ve ever seen – and you never know, England may be within a chance after all. The England squad have got plenty of young players to show that youth may take over experience after all. Let’s take a look at the top 9 young players that could make our dream since 1966 become a reality!

Don’t’ forget – where there’s talent, there is money. I wonder what cars these hot shots are driving. Surely it’s something your average young driver could get, right?

Eric Dier, 24

Jordan Pickford, 24

Harry Kane, 24

Showing off his pride in all things English, Kane drives a Jaguar F-Pace, a Range Rover Autobiography and a Bentley Supersports… the standard for a 24-year-old, right?


John Stones, 24

Raheem Sterling, 23

Possibly the only footballer’s choice of car we can relate to. His main drive to Manchester City’s training ground is in the Smart ForTwo, Grand style Edition!

Ruben Loftus-Cheek, 22

Dele Alli, 22

This Tottenham star has been seen driving around in a luxury Rolls-Royce, which starts at the eye-watering price of £367,000!

Marcus Rashford, 20

This young talent seems to be a fan of the German luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz, as he’s been seen driving in the CLA, GLA, and C Coupe! And of course… he has a Range Rover. What 20 year old doesn’t?

Trent Alexander-Arnold, 19


Whilst you may now be excited about England’s chances of winning, (whilst also being slightly disillusioned that you too can afford a brand new Range Rover) it’s not just us that us that have got the young talent on our side! Here are 10 young players outside of the Premier League who are ones to watch this summer – and let’s see if they have more modest driving tastes than us, ay?

Renato Tapia (Peru), 23

Hirving Lozano (Mexico), 22

I don’t know about you, but I can think of worse things than being 22 and owning a brand new Mercedes Benz!

Andre Silva (Portugal), 22

An Audi Q8, top spec Range Rover or a Ferarri… why not get all 3? Silva did!

Cristian Pavon (Argentina), 22

Aleksei Miranchuk (Russia), 22

Breel Embolo (Switzerland), 21

It must be difficult having 4 cars to choose from. Embolo makes the decision every day, to drive the Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes or the Audi. Now that’s got to be a tough choice.


Youri Tielemans (Belguim), 21

Rodrigo Bentancur (Uruguay), 20

Ismaila Sarr (Senegal), 20

Achraf Hakimi (Morocco), 19

When you’ve got the pick of any Audi, I’m sure it would be hard to choose. In their long-running partnership with Real Madrid, Audi gave each player a car – so Hakimi can be seen riding around in an Audi Q7.

So they’ve got talent, money, cars… what more could they all want? Well – to get to the final of the World Cup I suppose. Now it’s time to place your bets. Who do you think will make the final? Who’s likely to be the top goal scorer? And more importantly… who will win the 2018 World Cup!?


We might not be able to offer you a new Ferrari or Audi Q8, but you could always be like Sterling and get your hands on a new Smart car! Or, check out the other brand new cars we have available!

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By Chloe Martell

'As a new driver, I'm so eager to share my driving journey with you all - from when I was a learner, going through my test and all the aspects of my driving life now, including my love of cars!'  See more posts by Chloe

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