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How to give your car the perfect nickname
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Chloe Martell

March 26, 2018

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You’ve got your car, and you love it – but like any member of your family, they need a name – right? Research from the DVLA shows that over a quarter of UK drivers have named their car and that women are twice as likely to give their car a name over men.

Whilst some cars come with names already attached (can you really rename a Vauxhall Adam?), some are just waiting for you to give them a name for life. We’ve pulled together some tips on the best way to choose the perfect nickname for your car. If you’re still undecided, use our guide below to find out what your car should be called!

Take your time

Find out how your car drives and feels before jumping in with a name. Before you know it, the perfect name will no doubt come to you! It may take a few months, but once you’ve got an essence of your car’s personality, you’ll have the perfect nickname for them.

Male, female or gender natural?

Does your car feel feminine, or does it feel like a man? May sounds strange, but you’ll be sure to figure it out once you know your car. If your car doesn’t feel like either and has more of an ‘everyone wants my car’ vibe – then go with a gender-neutral name to play it safe.

Combine the colour and shape

If you’re driving a blue car, which resembles a box or a bubble… you’ve got a name right there! You can use the size of your car too. To help make your cars name super catchy, try using the same letter at the beginning of each word – Silver Shoebox, Red Racer, Banana Beast, etc…


If you can’t think of the perfect nickname for your car then don’t worry! We’ve got a little generator to help you… Let us know what your car nickname is over on our Facebook page!

Car nickname

If you fancy getting your hands on a brand new car to name, we’ve got you covered there, too!

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