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Coming home for Christmas - expectations vs reality

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Chloe Martell

December 3, 2018

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Christmas is here! Well, nearly… but for those heading home from their student halls to mums home cooking, the festive feeling is well and truly here and it’s going to stay (well it will stay until we have to head back in January for term 2, but let’s not think about that!)

As you pack up and get ready for the next 4-5 weeks of home comforts, seeing friends and living a carefree life with no looming deadlines, you’re probably wondering what each fun-filled day back in your hometown is going to bring… right? Well, what really happens when you head home may be a little different from what you think!

Expectations: I NEED everything I’m packing right now

Reality: I forgot about that…

If you’re reading this and you’re in the middle of packing up for your trip home, then take note! If you’re already home and you’re reading this, then it may be too little too late.

You know those 6 jumpers you’ve packed? You’re probably not going to wear them all. Those 15 t-shirts? You probably won’t wear them either – because although at uni you save all your washing for a mammoth load once a month, your Mum will be much more likely to have the washing machine on the go more than you would. Trust us, you’ll end up shipping the same unworn outfits from uni to home, back to uni in a few weeks!


Expectations: I am going to have SO much free time

Reality: Another trip to see distant family?

Ah, yes – the empty promise of all the time in the world is quickly filled by your parent’s letting you know you’re seeing cousins, aunties, grandparents and other long distant family members you’ve never heard of over the Christmas period. Now we know Christmas is supposed to be about bringing everyone together, but seriously?! Where is the ‘me’ time?!

Expectations: I can wait to see my friends from home

Reality: Mum’s taxi service is out of order

You’ll probably find that in your uni town you walk pretty much everywhere, right? But back at home, everything is much further apart – including where your friends live. It’s ok – your parents will give you a lift? Maybe not!

The freedom they’ve had of not being a taxi service whilst you’ve been away isn’t likely to change now! Luckily, we have a solution. Pick up our Student Driver Insurance and drive yourself (in their car) to see your friends.


Expectations: I’ll never get sick of being at home

Reality: I’m a student… GET ME OUT OF HERE!

Whilst we love to think that the novelty of being at home will never wear off when the New Year rolls around – it’s almost like you need to get back to uni for a break! You end up doing more chores than you do when you live alone, and all of a sudden you have a curfew again?! Home is great – but home cooked meals and free laundry are nothing on pot noodles and looming deadlines are they?

Expectations: After Christmas, you’ll be back on track for term 2!

Reality: Christmas is over and… you’re not prepared

If you were hoping to gain some perspective on your uni work over Christmas, but only ended up gaining weight from one too many pigs in blankets – don’t worry! Christmas is a time to take a break from the hard work you’re doing all year round.

Just make sure that when the festivities are over – you snap back into action for another year of your degree. Bah humbug!

We hope you all have an amazing Christmas break, eat one too many mince pies and revel in the joys of being at home. Don’t forget to pick up our Student Driver Insurance, for when you need a break during your break!

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