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Bin the booze and hit the road: top 5 alcohol-free adventures

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Holly West-Robinson

May 14, 2014

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Holidaying this summer doesn’t have to be an all-out booze fest. There’s more to holidays than sweaty clubs and drunken slurs. With summer approaching, passing your driving test might be high on your priorities, or if you’re a newly qualified the thought of the new found freedom you’ll have is exciting. With the great offers for insurance we provide new drivers at Marmalade, this summer could be your chance to have the perfect, alcohol free, holiday. Filled with friends, fun and enough fuel to get you where you want to drive, here are some ideas to get you excited.


5. Alton Towers

Alton Towers

Theme parks are fun for everyone, from the youngest, wide eyed, child to you and your friends having the time of your life. As a new driver Alton Towers is now easier and quicker to get to than ever before. For such a huge park, it’s tucked away in the middle of the Derbyshire countryside, so a satnav is advisable. Make this a day trip or, for even more excitement, a weekend at the Alton Towers resort. As well as the exhilarating rides, the hotel offers an unforgettable night in one of the themed rooms. With all the excitement and fun, who needs alcohol? Plus a twisty ride mixed with a hangover could be really messy.

4. Edinburgh Fringe

Edinburgh Fringe

Festivals can become messy when lots of drunken people coming together to bounce around. At Edinburgh Fringe Festival, things are a bit different. There are so many wonderful acts and events happening, you’ll want to be alert and remember any potential upcoming talents. Where else in the world can the big acts rub shoulders with the newbies without a second thought? This is a place where everyone is looking out for one-another in the interest of providing you with great comedy and culture. Set in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, the drive up will be almost as spectacular as the festival. The highlands are famous for the stunning scenery and wild, unspoilt hillsides, providing you and your friends with great views and a great holiday.


3. Shell Island

Shell Island

Beautiful white beaches for a fraction of the price, where is this magical place you ask, Shell Island. For a week of cheap camping right on the sand dunes, Shell Island is the place to go. Across the breadth of North Wales, just the journey here will be spectacular. See rolling fields, almighty mountains, ominous cliffs, beautiful lakes and of course lots of sheep, baa. Enjoy the exasperation of putting up tents together before relaxing by the fire in the evening, talking about your next exciting adventure. The island is only actually an island for half the day, so enjoy scooting off to visit all that North Wales has on offer and stock up on burgers.


2. Scottish Isles

Scottish Isles

Any of the islands scattered along the West coast could be your summer road trip destination. You may not believe it but these islands have the sort of picturesque, ivory sands and clear blue water, beaches that many spend thousands to get to. In Scotland, they’re tucked away and secluded hidden gems just waiting for you to discover them. The beauty of Scotland is the wild camping laws. As long as you are respectful to the land and the owner, you can camp anywhere, meaning spectacular views in secluded locations, all for free. A group of friends could find the perfect spot and spend a week experiencing food cooked on an open fire, catching your own dinner and driving on some of the most awesome roads in the UK.


1. France and Europe


With your new found freedom, you now have the choice to leave the country and drive further afield, without the hassle of airport check-ins. With France just a stones-throw away, a bunch of friends could easily make the trip south and at a small expense. Brittany is right on the coast with all the benefits of France; the culture, the food and the sun, without the massive journey. Try water sports, take your bikes or go out and explore the French coast line, driving from beach to beach.


This is just a taste of the adventures available to you when you can drive. See the world open its doors to you and your friends and take advantage of the summer sun and long open roads. With so much negative press surrounding young people and alcohol, take the chance to escape this and have an amazing alcohol free holiday. Marmalade strives to help new drivers achieve this freedom, without prejudice of other insurance providers.

Where will you be driving to this summer? Tell us on Twitter or Facebook or visit our website for a closer look at our unique insurance options.

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By Holly West-Robinson

'Hi I'm Holly and I'm a young driver based in Peterborough! I love tattoos, food, drawing and anything art related, enjoy hanging out with friends and family and making a fool of myself. I'm definitely one of the adventurous types who's always up for a good old road trip!'  See more posts by Holly

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