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Chloe Martell

November 3, 2017

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Remember, remember, the 5th of November…

From fireworks to toffee apples, sparklers to hot dogs; whatever your traditions are on bonfire night – it is important that you stay safe, especially when it comes to driving. Here are some top tips and firework safety advice, ahead of bonfire night!


Don't get distracted by fireworks

Fireworks are beautiful explosions and as soon as you hear the sound, it is natural to want to see fireworks in the sky – but if you’re driving out on bonfire night you need to keep your eyes on the road! There will be plenty more fireworks going off when you’ve arrived at your destination.



Keep an eye out for animals and children

There are always a lot of children around on bonfire night, getting out and watching the fireworks go off, so it is essential to be extra vigilant when you’re driving. Of course, animals are known to be not too fond of the big loud bangs (understandably) so if you’re driving be cautious – animals may bolt out on the road in front of you.

Check under your car before you set off

Again, animals get scared on bonfire night – before hopping in your car and driving away, make sure none of our furry friends have found shelter under your car!



If you don't need to drive- don't drive

If you’re heading to a firework display near where you live, why not think about taking a stroll there instead? It may be a much less stressful experience, than being caught up in bonfire night traffic. Wrap up warm and get your boots on, and head out to watch the fireworks on foot – you never know, you might see some on your way.

Designated driver

If you’re heading out to watch the fireworks with loved ones and you do decide to drive, make sure that someone is a designated driver – hot chocolate is the perfect alcohol-free bonfire night warmer!

Have fun!

Of course, it is always important to have fun. There are few nights of the year where you can overload on cinder toffee, and get 1 of your 5 a day whilst munching on a toffee apple 😉 Be vigilant and safe, and enjoy the fireworks!


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By Chloe Martell

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