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Holly West-Robinson

August 31, 2017

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If you’re feeling a road trip and want to hit up somewhere special before the nice weather disappears, here’s a few places you can visit in the UK! Whether you’re just looking for a short day trip or a week-long break in the countryside – there are plenty of options to choose from wherever you go. Check out our top picks!

The New Forest

the new forest at sunset

The New Forest is situated in the South East of England, mainly covering Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset.  This beautiful, scenic part of the UK is famous for its National Park, home to many species of wildlife, ancient woodland, open moors and walking trails. It’s not just for nature lovers though! There’s an abundance of activities for you and your mates to get involved in such as cycling, horse riding, water sports, golf, along with relaxing spa treatments and facilities. You won’t be strapped for places to stay either, as the New Forest is full of cosy cottages, hotels, wood cabins and self-catering holiday parks.

The Lake District

rolling hills and rivers of lake district

If you like panoramic scenery littered with striking views of mountains, sparkling lakes, and luscious green forests, then the Lake District is the perfect place for you! There’s plenty of things to do including a tour for some tipple at the Keswick Brewery, journey through the amazing landscapes on the famous Ravenglass and Eskdale railway, challenge your fear of heights on zip wires, Tarzan vines and hanging ropes, or keep your feet firmly on the ground in one of Lakeland’s aquariums or wildlife centres. The Lake District has plenty of cute cottages and boutiques for you to shack up in for a few days if you end up tiring yourself out from all that trekking and walking too!

St Michael’s Mount

st michaels mount in cornwall

Located in Marazion, this is a wonderful hot spot in the hilly landscapes of Cornwall. St Michael’s Mount is actually a small tidal island which boasts gorgeous, picturesque views of the village, harbour and surrounding landscapes. When the tide is low on the great cobble causeway, you can get from the mainland to the island by foot – but when the tide is high and inaccessible, only a boat will be able to get you across. Once you’ve made it, there’s a ton of things to do on the tiny rock! Great pubs and restaurants as well as a world-famous garden for all ages to explore. Not only that, but a 16th-century castle and chapel sit right on the very top where you can take a tour and get a real feel for the history. According to myths, a giant once wondered this island and even mermaids lived around there too!

Stratford upon Avon

cute little cottage in stratford upon avon

Stratford upon Avon – AKA Shakespeare country – is very renowned for being one of the most romantic market towns in the UK. With its pretty black and white Tudor style houses, its variety of shops and restaurants, and of course the Royal Shakespeare Theatre where you can experience spectacular fairy-tale like shows, and some of the classics written by the man himself. A trip to Stratford wouldn’t be complete without taking a cruise down the River Avon either! Hire one out and ride it yourself or get someone to do it for you – either way, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon.


london bridge during twilight

If you’re not a country person and more enjoy the hustle and bustle of a busy city – then London is definitely for you. The capital has never-ending options when it comes down to things to see and do. Whether you fancy a whirl on the London Eye, a cruise down the River Thames, a scout around the endless number of shops, museums and monuments, or a taste of pretty much any cuisine you can think of – there’s always something for everyone in this place and you won’t be disappointed. The only thing is, driving around London can be a bit of a nightmare at the best of times so rather than road tripping it in your car, you’re probably better off getting the train and using the tube instead!

So there are a few destinations you can retreat to before the summer is out! Of course, there are plenty of other locations you can visit in the UK that will be equally as great, from festivals to seaside visits – whatever you get up to this summer is up to you! Just remember, if you are looking to use your motor to get to these places – make sure you thoroughly check your car before embarking on any long journeys! You don’t want to break down before the fun has even started!

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