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January 4, 2019

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Whether you’re a clean freak when it comes to your car, or a hoarder or empty coffee cups that you keep meaning to throw out, there are some things that you should keep in your car at all times. They don’t need to take up a lot of room or cost a lot of money, but these things will see you through whatever eventuality you may find yourself in.


Mini first aid kit

It probably seems a bit over the top, but having a mini first aid kit in your car will come in extra handy should you need any supplies in the middle of nowhere. They cost next to nothing and can be tucked away in the car. We hope you’ll never need to use one, but you’ll thank yourself for keeping one should you ever need to use it.

Water (and food)

Having water and food in your car can be a real lifesaver (and not just for those long journeys when you’re starving every 20 minutes). If you’re stuck in heavy traffic, or you’ve broken down – water and food, like energy bars, will keep you awake and alert!

During the summer, hot temperatures can increase your risk of dehydration, with symptoms like having a headache, sleepiness and dizziness – which if you’re driving, is very dangerous. Make sure you keep plenty of water to hand to prevent this from happening.




When the cold weather sets in, keeping blankets and warm clothing in your car is a great idea! If the heating in the car breaks or the whole car breaks down, blankets will keep you warm until the situation is sorted, because it’s much harder to drive whilst shivering than you probably think!

Extra screen wash, oil and coolant

Checking these things when you regularly maintain your car should be you won’t run out when you’re on the road, but should you need these in an emergency, it’s a good idea to keep them in your car. Tuck them away in your boot and should you realise you’re out of screen wash, you’ll be prepared to stop and fill up!


A pretty useful tool if you were to break down at night (for obvious reasons). Make sure you keep extra batteries for a battery powered torch or get a wind-up one so you don’t have to worry!



Jump leads

If your car battery dies, these will be essential in getting you back up and running if you have a mate, family member or friendly motorist who offers help!

Weather dependent items


You’ll thank yourself on those cold, frozen mornings that you’ve decided to keep these in your car. Remember, all of your windows and full windscreen should be cleared of ice before setting off!


You may head off on a journey and not realise how bright the sun is (in summer, and low sun in winter). Keeping a pair of sunglasses in your car will mean you’ll avoid having to squint your eyes against the suns glare as you’re driving.


Mobile phone - Charged!

I mean it’s unlikely any of us leave the house without our phones these days, but making sure it’s fully charged will mean if you need directions, are in an accident or need to call for help, it’s a lot easier to do so! If you often leave the house without checking the battery percentage on your phone, why not consider getting a charger to keep in your car, and an adapter for the cigarette lighter to charge it?




Give others a clear warning that you’ve broken down, by using a warning triangle. They’re quick and easy to set up next to your car should you need to – don’t forget to use your hazard lights, too!

Duct tape

The ultimate fix for almost anything (temporary fix, at least) – duct tape will become your best friend should you ever need to use it. Remember, it isn’t a permanent fix. Get the problem checked as soon as you can!

All of these things don’t cost much, and could seriously help out should you find yourself in a tricky situation out on the road. Why not make it your mission to stock up on these items, and keep them in your car? We hope you’ll never need to use them, but it’s good to have them should you need to.

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