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Holly West-Robinson

September 13, 2017

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Some people think we have it hard in the UK when it comes to certain driving restrictions such as parking on double yellow lines, or not being able to honk your horn past 11:30pm! These aren’t exactly harsh or demanding laws and realistically they’re in place for good reason. In some countries however, the laws do make you wonder what an earth they were thinking when they came up with such unusual motoring regulations!

10. Goodbye darkness my old friend

headlights on 4x4

Although a lot of modern car’s headlights automatically come on these days, if you are caught driving in Sweden without dipped headlights on even when they don’t need to be – you could risk an on the spot fine. This applies to all roads, all year round.

9. Keep it down will ya!

man washing car

It’s understandable banning all loud music in communal areas or neighbourhoods after a certain time, but in Switzerland, it’s actually forbidden to wash your car on a Sunday morning because of the noise. We can’t really see how the sound of a few popping bubbles is going disturb too many lie-ins but each to their own!

8. One for the road!


It’s very contrary to most world driving laws, but you can literally ‘drink and drive’ in Costa Rica in terms of having a bevvy behind the wheel… as long as you stop before you get drunk.  If you get pulled over and you appear ok to drive, then you won’t receive a penalty from the authorities. Whose round is it then?

7. If your car is covered in muck you’re out of luck


At this time of year, people tend to pay less attention to cleaning their cars because they know they will just end up back in the same state again in a few days! But in Russia, if you’re motor isn’t glistening and shiny all year round and you get caught – you can actually face an on the spot fine of roughly £27… best to keep a big pack of baby wipes in the glovey then!

6. I don’t think you’re meant to put that in there

heart eyes emoji

You would think with modern dating apps such as Match and Tinder, most people would be able to find love at some point, or at least fulfil their basic needs. Not the case in Oklahoma it seems! Anyone caught ‘molesting’ a vehicle could face a criminal charge or arrest. We think it’s really great to love your car… But not that much.

5. Your numbers are up

philippines licence plate

That ought to reduce traffic congestion! If you live in the Philippines and your licence plate ends in 1 or 2, it is illegal for you be on the roads on a Monday. If it ends in 3 or 4, you can’t drive on Tuesdays. 5, 6? Yep you guessed it – you’re staying in this Wednesday! We don’t know about you, but if we had to pick, 9 or 10 would suit us best for sure!

4. If a cabbie can smell what you had for dinner – you’re not getting in

gas mask

If you’re ever in Ontario (Canada) be sure to lay off the garlic if you’re not driving yourself home. Taxi drivers can actually refuse a fare if the person has bad breath! So maybe don’t get too close when giving the driver directions, or at least keep a pack of mints on you to be safe.

3. “Excuse me sir, I believe you’ve parked on my toddler”

women checking under car

We’re not entirely sure how this became such a common occurrence for a law to be eventually passed – but drivers in Denmark must check underneath their cars for sleeping children before setting off anywhere. Otherwise they face a very stern word from the feds.

2. In Thailand ‘moobs’ are just as offensive as boobs

flex with red cross

Yep you heard right! What’s more distracting than driving past a hot guy or girl on the way to work? Driving past one of them topless! We’re not sure whether it’s the sexual appeal that has made driving without a shirt on illegal in Thailand, or whether it’s just a sign of respect – but anyway… if you find yourself renting a car over there, make sure you keep covered up whilst behind the wheel!

1. If you’re full to the brim, let it out on your rim

dog peeing up tyre

We thought we would save the best til last! At number 1 of the world’s strangest driving laws, we have to give the trophy to our humble homeland the UK. Why do you ask? Because in this country, if you need to go to the toilet whilst you’re driving, you’re only permitted to do it outside if it’s up your right rear tyre. Urinating anywhere else other than on your back wheel is considered a criminal offence and can result in an instant £80 fine. So if you don’t fancy mooning the whole of the motorway at 9 o’clock on a Saturday night, you better come off at the next services!

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Ariel shot of yellow car
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10 of the world's most bizarre driving laws

Holly West-Robinson profile

Holly West-Robinson

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