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Holly West-Robinson

February 21, 2013

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A new distribution channel for Marmalade Learner Insurance

Kwik-Fit Insurance Learners, launched this month by the Scottish based broker, is designed especially for drivers still sporting ‘L’ plates and will cut the cost for full licence holders who previously have had to pay an additional premium to add them to their own policies.

It will also mean car owners can protect their no claims discounts while a learner is behind the wheel.

The cover will not impact on the car owner’s premium, but will make it easier for learners to gain enough experience to pass their test and become a safe driver by providing a separate insurance policy.

The insurance can also be taken out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, with rates starting as low as £2.81 per day.

June Lynch, managing director of Kwik-Fit Insurance, said: “Learning to drive is a hugely exciting time, but for the car owners who have to pay the additional premium on their own policy, and risk no claims discounts in the process, it has the potential to be very costly.

“This policy has been designed to suit the short-term insurance requirements of learner drivers, while running alongside the main driver’s policy with no risk to their no claims discount.”

The policy, in partnership with specialist insurer Marmalade, covers cars from insurance group 1 to 32 – which includes executive models from Mercedes and BMW, as well as sports cars like the Audi TT – with a market value of up to £20,000.

June Lynch added: “We often take enquiries from customers, many of whom are parents and want to take their children out for extra lessons to help them gain some additional experience on the road. We want to make it easier, cheaper and less risky for them to do that, which is why we’ve introduced this policy.

“We hope we can make the process of learning to drive slightly more convenient and encourage learner drivers as they’re gaining the knowledge that will allow them to be safe and competent on the road.”

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Get short term cover on a friend or parent's car as a leaner, to help you get that magic pass!

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