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March 1, 2018

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It’s March 1st, 2018 – that means, the new vehicle registration is here! If you’re lucky enough to get a car from now until September (when the reg changes again) it will be XX18 XXX! We thought about writing a blog about how great it is to own a new reg, and then it dawned on us that the new reg officially becomes an adult this year – we should celebrate the fact!

18, with an 18 plate?

If you’re turning 18 this year and you’re thinking about getting a brand new car, how cool would it be to have an 18 plate to commemorate becoming an adult! If it is something you are thinking about, don’t forget to check out our car deals for young drivers which include 12 month’s free insurance, discounted insurance or cashback.


100 years on

Things have certainly moved on since the last ’18. One hundred years ago, this year, World War 1 ended, women got the vote, and an “automobile” was a luxury for the wealthy few. Whilst 100 years may seem like a long time, some amazing progression has been made since 1918. Can you imagine if only certain people today could own a car!? If you’re turning 18 in 2018 – men and women in the UK have equal rights and car ownership is accessible to the masses, rather than a few, so we all have the opportunity to get on the road. What’s better – the cars we have today are a lot safer (and probably more reliable) – albeit they may lack the charm of a classic car, we’re sure there’s a new ride you’ve got your eye on!

New Reg – Did you know?!

  • Drivers are not allowed to use a registration number that makes their car appear younger than it is.
  • The first two letters of your number plate referred to the local DVLA office, up until 2013. Since the DVLA was centralised, the first two letters now indicate the region that the car was registered. For example, if your car is registered in Birmingham – the first two letters could be BM.
  • The last 3 letters are random, but because they’re issued in blocks to dealers, you may see cars from the same manufacturer with the same letter sequence at the end.
  • The most expensive personalized number plate was ’25 O’ and bought by Ferrari dealer John Collins in 2014, for £518,000!


So how much do you know about registrations?

We recently ran a few different Twitter polls, to see how much young drivers know about their registration plates, and you may be surprised how much we young uns’ know!

  • Did you know that driving your car with an unreadable number plate, is enough of an offence to fail an MOT, AND incur a fine of up to £1,000!? Well, 61% of 108 young people did!
  • 67% of 186 young drivers also knew that if you’re unable to read a parked number plate correctly, at the beginning of your driving test – it’s an instant fail! That being said, we are a bit worried about the 5% of young drivers who thought you were given glasses to try again 😉
  • You may be surprised at how much young people know when it comes to their registration plates. 64% of 167 young people know their number plates off by heart! Some may call us geniuses!

If you’re thinking of getting your hands on a brand new 2018 plate car, then look no further! We’ve got plenty of cars to choose from, all with that brand new number plate attached!

Cars for Young Drivers→

Check out our range of brand new cars and finance offers to suit you!

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