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Vauxhall Adam Jam
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Anna Johnson

December 14, 2018

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Hi everyone! If you’ve kept up to date with Marmalades’ blog and social channels, you’ll probably recognise me (or my car at least!) as I am the lucky winner of Marmalades ‘Win a Car competition’. I’ve almost had my Vauxhall Adam for 4 months now, and I thought it was time to share an update with you all.

My confidence has boosted

Since picking up my car I have been on so many adventures which have helped my confidence on the road as well as developing my driving skills immensely. From long adventures like driving on the A5 to short trips like driving my mum to Lidl, I’ve been putting the hours in for sure.

My car has been a superb tool and has enabled me to have practice outside of my driving lessons with an instructor. All those hours behind the wheel have meant I’ve even perfected my reverse bay park! Hopefully, with all this time spent behind the wheel, I’ll fly through my practical driving test.


It’s not all plain sailing

So far, the weather has been on my side which, as we approach the winter months, I know is unlikely to last – but so far, I have enjoyed plenty of sunny drives. As winter does approach, I’m actually looking forward to the challenges it brings and hopes that the change in driving skill I will need, will help me in the long run.

I think it would be a miracle if I said all my driving had been fine and there were no issues at all! And whilst I’d love it, it’s not quite true. It’s been a while since my private learning journey has begun and I’ve had some pretty funny moments out on the road. For instance, my first drive to my city centre was going great, until the wind picked up and somehow blew my L plate straight off the car and into the traffic behind! Then there was also the time where my mum and I took a trip along country roads, only to end up getting completely lost in the middle of nowhere!

These situations probably won’t come up in driving lessons, but they do pop up in real life and that is why I’m so thankful to have private practice. As well as dealing with flying L plates and being somewhat stranded, I’ve also been able to practice driving at night which is going to help a lot when I pass my test!


Checking how it’s going

Throughout my experience with my Vauxhall Adam and private practice so far, I’ve had the ability to check my driving through my marmalade black box app. The app has been amazing and extremely useful because it has enabled me to review each journey and see where I made mistakes and where I aced it. My app tracks the duration of my journeys too! I’ve racked up over 20 hours of experience which is amazing, and will be sure to help me ace my test! My mum even likes to track her journeys when she drives my car to collect me from school, and she’s also seen a positive effect on her driving skills.

With my test coming up, I’m really thankful to have had private practice in my own car. I’m sure this extra time behind the wheel has geared me up to pass – but until then, keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Anna Johnson profile

By Anna Johnson

'I'm the lucky winner of the competition to win a Vauxhall Adam! I'm currently doing my A-levels so having a car will give me a well-needed break from revision. I can't wait to practice driving in my new car!'  See more posts by Anna

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