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September 26, 2018

Learning to drive 3 min read

The lovely Harvey from the Marmalade team has yet to start his driving journey! We’ve asked him why he’s waited until now to want to get behind the wheel, and how he plans on making it happen! 

Whilst some people jump at the chance of learning to drive when they’re 17, for me, it just wasn’t the case. After I had finished college, I left home and headed straight off to Uni where I spent the next 3 years of my life. Anyone who has been to uni will know it’s not always the best or most ideal place to keep a car, so it just seemed like there was little point in me learning at this stage.

Even after the 3 years at uni, I always lived within walking distance to where I worked therefore not being able to drive didn’t really affect me on a daily basis, if it did then I would have gotten behind the wheel sooner but I could get everywhere I needed on foot, and that’s free!


The downside of not having a licence

Although not being able to drive never really bothered me, it is a little annoying when it comes to visiting family. They live in Cumbria which is just short of 250 miles away from me, so I’ve always had to rely on trains or lifts to go and see them. Whilst a 250-mile drive doesn’t appeal to me (even as a none driver), I suppose it would make things easier. Also, not having to rely on trains means I’d be able to spend the weekend with them without having to book a day off from work to accommodate train timetables.


The main point and reason as to why I’m eager to learn now is my son. I know it would take our some of the stress in an emergency situation if I was able to drive. Being able to drive will also mean I’ll be able to take him on days out to explore different places up and down the UK – which I took for granted when I was growing up.

The first steps

I know the first steps in learning to drive will be finding an instructor. I’ve already spent some time looking online, but ultimately I think I’m going to trust the recommendations from my friends. I’m also considering getting in some private practice outside of my lessons, so I can build up my confidence behind the wheel. Luckily, I am still within the age bracket to get my Learner Driver Insurance from Marmalade, so I can benefit from their flexible cover. Let’s face it, having a child doesn’t give me a lot of free time so being able to choose 30 days at a time will definitely help!


I’ll also spend time revising for my theory test by using apps and online test examples. Hopefully, I will get that passed as soon as possible. At least when I have it, there’s a 2-year countdown to when I need to have ideally passed by.

We Are Marmalade profile

By We Are Marmalade

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