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Joe Butler

June 20, 2018

Learning to drive 4 min read

Hi! I’m Joe. I’m heading at full speed into my second year of A Levels and currently have a dozen driving lessons completed. But, managing to find the delicate balance between the two is tricky, but not impossible! Here’s how I’m getting on.

Welcome to my world

“Your exam starts now”, the adjudicator says time-checking.

“We’re gonna do roundabouts today”, my driving instructor says beaming.

Welcome to my life! Right now it’s all about school and driving, and like many teenagers across the UK, I have been struggling to find the balance between the two. I won’t lie, it’s all starting to blur together: psychology classes and windscreen wipers are easily muddled –right? That’s on top of trying to memorise the many, many types of public crossing because my brain is still reeling from the many types of sentences that my English teacher believes are so interesting.


Even with my exams complete, school is far from over. But no more exams means more time to focus on my driving and get in those extra all important lessons, yet even away from school – I can’t quite get away from revision. “How’s the studying going?” my instructor always asks when I get behind the wheel, and that’s when I remember with a guilty gulp that I have been neglecting my theory – oops! I mean, I’ll get there eventually… won’t I?

Drive Or Revise? Revise Or Drive? Drevise?

I have a dozen driving lessons under my belt now and it’s the second most fun thing I have ever been taught, coming just behind Year 5 Tudor Day. Admittedly, being gentle on the peddles isn’t my strong suit. My left foot uses the clutch like a pedal bin and my right acts like the brake is an egg that I find myself stood on and am trying not to crack. It’s taking its time, no less because I have been worrying about school simultaneously.


However, being on study leave has meant that I can book in my driving lessons at any time of day I desire. The morning traffic is much more preferable than the post-school inrush – a leaner needs as much room as they can get on the roads.

Grabbing The Bull By The Horns

Now that exams are over and I sit impatiently on the result’s daytime bomb, my sole focus is driving. The summer sun makes everything just that little bit more bearable (plus I look great in sunglasses), so the Highway Code is becoming my best friend slowly but surely. I do intend to have my theory test passed by September. Hopefully, over the summer months, all the free time will mean more driving lessons than ever. Currently, I only have the next two weeks booked in; beyond that, the driving world is my wheeled oyster.


I will be hitting the road big-time this summer and it is exciting. Learning how to go around (not over, apparently) a roundabout and mastering the speed at which to go over a speedbump so we don’t end up with sore heads is made all the merrier when I don’t have to think about school. Plus, not having to drive from the school at the start of each lesson, dodging bikes and buses, is a godsend.

So, whilst my psychology exam was like watching a car crash in slow motion, I won’t let my driving journey end up in the same mess. The summer has given me room to bask in my freedom. This is the golden, sunny opportunity to turn those driving routines into driving instincts.

Joe Butler profile

By Joe Butler

'When I pass, I cannot wait to get my own car and get onto the roads! Learning to drive has been a whirlwind experience of ups and downs, but I have grown to love being behind the wheel. The feeling of being able to go wherever I want is thrilling and I am counting down the minutes until I pass.'  See more posts by Joe

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