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Holly Treasure

January 19, 2018

Learning to drive Young driver stories 4 min read

I feel very excited but also pretty scared to start driving; who wouldn’t? It’s such a huge milestone in a young person’s life! Starting my lessons feels like a really grown-up thing, and driving is one of those things teens think about way in advance of actually turning 17. I think it’s an experience everyone my age should do as soon as possible if they have the chance, because when you’re older you will likely have many more responsibilities than you do now.

So right now I think this is the most perfect time for me to learn and I’m over the moon I have this amazing opportunity – something I will keep for my whole life and a skill I will always have.


Finding a driving instructor

The first thing I wanted to focus on was getting the perfect instructor. It had to be someone I feel comfortable with and also someone I can trust. I would recommend that if you’re going to start learning to drive, you start looking for an instructor several months in advance. It’s actually quite difficult finding the perfect instructor, they need to tick all your boxes but even if they do and they don’t have the availability you’re back to square one which is frustrating to say the least!

I started by asked all my friends which driving instructors they used and went from there. I was keen to start my lessons as soon as possible as I admit I’m fairly impatient but at the same time I knew I’d be spending a lot of time with my instructor so they had to be right for me. I spoke to one friend who has already passed her test and she highly recommended her instructor to me, telling me her lessons were fun and motivating.

I made a call to enquire if the instructor was free, she seemed really friendly on the phone and as luck would have it she was able to get me booked in for a block of 10 lessons.

Getting ready for my first driving lesson

It’s almost time for my first lesson, I’m still nervous but also excited at the prospect of finally getting moving. I’ve looked up some background information online so I can have an idea of what to expect my first time in the driving seat – hopefully I won’t get totally stuck or confused. Wish me luck!


The team at Marmalade wish Holly all the best with her lessons and we can’t wait to follow and share her story as she drives to that magic pass! If you’re just starting out your journey learning to drive – we’ve got loads of information on passing your driving test in our Young Driver’s Guide – from what to expect in your first lesson through to passing your theory test and what to expect in the driving test itself!

Don’t forget that getting extra driving practice outside your lessons is really important to help you gain confidence – our Learner Driver Insurance is ideal to get short term cover while you’re learning in a parent’s or friend’s car. 

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Get short term cover on a friend or parent's car as a learner, to help you get that magic pass!

Holly Treasure profile

By Holly Treasure

'I'm Holly and I've just had my 17th birthday. I'm currently studying English Lit, Theatre and Film at college and in my spare time, I love spending time with my boyfriend and friends. I've also got a job working as a waitress which keeps me very busy!'  See more posts by Holly

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